Spring Break, Part II: Vienna, Hallstatt, Salzburg

The spring break adventure continues – on Thursday, Alexandra and I hopped on a train from Prague to Vienna. We had less than a day here, so of course we had to make the most of it.  After checking into our hostel, we went straight to the Schönbrunn Palace.  We bought the Classic Pass which allowed us entry to the Palace, Privy Garden, Orangery Garden, Maze/Labyrinth and Gloriette Viewing Terrace.

The palace was magnificent; unfortunately, no photos were allowed inside.  Our ticket included an audioguide, so we learned all about the history of the palace and the Habsburg family.  Check out how massive this palace is – I could not even capture the whole thing in a regular photo, so I had to take a panoramic shot.

Next, we went to the Privy Garden:

And then the Orangery Garden:

We went to the labyrinth, where there were a few mazes and other fun playground-type activities.  Finally, we went to the Gloriette Viewing Terrace.  This is what the Gloriette looks like:

From a distance

Closer up

And this was our view from the terrace:

Having visited all the sites our ticket included, we left the Schönbrunn Palace and continued exploring the town.  We went to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, where we climbed the tower to see an aerial view of the city:

We also went inside the cathedral, which was so beautiful.  I took some pictures, but they all turned out blurry… 😳

Then we went to Mozarthaus, where Mozart lived for 3 years! Alexandra and I both play piano so this was right up our alley 🙂 The residence-turned-museum was very cool.  There was so much information, we could have spent all day there and still have more to learn.  (In addition to all the information written all around the museum, our entry included an audioguide with hours of audio).

Alexandra and I both felt exhausted from being on our feet for so long, so we decided to go to a restaurant where we could sit down for dinner.  We ordered a wiener schnitzel and a goulash – two typical Viennese dishes – and split each in half.  After dinner, we continued exploring.  We went to the Hofburg Palace and Austria National Library – it was getting quite late by this point, so they were closed, but they were stunning from the outside!

Hofburg Palace on left, Austria National Library on right.

We walked around the area a bit more before retiring to our hostel.  We had to wake up early on Friday to catch a train to Hallstatt! On our way to the train station, we stopped to look at City Hall.  It is stunning!

(The white tents were for some sort of a race going on later that day.)

We ate a nice breakfast at Café Eiles, then continued to the train station. Onto Hallstatt!

Hallstatt is an adorable, quaint little town!  A friend of mine recommended I visit here while in Austria, so Alexandra and I made sure to include it in our itinerary… I am so glad we did.  It was rainy the day we were there, and still managed to look magnificent.

We spent just one night in Hallstatt, then took a bus to Salzburg on Saturday morning.  We arrived in Salzburg around noon.  We quickly checked into our hostel then met in Mirabellplatz for our Sound of Music bus tour!! Alexandra loves The Sound of Music – she used to watch it constantly when she was younger.  I like it too, but I have only seen it a couple of times.  The tour was fantastic – our guide was entertaining and we saw so much.  Our guide played Sound of Music songs on the bus, and everyone sang along… it was so cute 🙂

I am sixteen, going on seventeen…

Mid-tour photo stop: Alexandra and I

Basilica St. Michael Mondsee, where the Sound of Music wedding was filmed

Mirabell Gardens: Mi, a name, I call myself; Fa, a long long way to run!

Mirabell Gardens: Gnome which appeared in the Sound of Music

For dinner, we went to Augustiner Bräu – a beer house which Alexandra’s friend recommended. It was very cool and unlike anything I had ever seen before.  There were an array of stands to buy food and a huge hall to sit and eat it.  After eating dinner, we went back to the hostel to rest before our second day of exploring Salzburg.

On Sunday morning, we walked around the Old Town.  First we went to Kapitelplatz, where we saw a statue of a man on a golden ball (admittedly, I’m not sure what the significance of this is, but it was cool) and a huge chess game!

Goldene Kugel (“The Golden Sphere”) by Stephan Balkenhol

Next, we went to Residenzplatz:

Finally, we went to Mozartplatz, where we heard the glockenspiel play.

Me with a statue of Mozart 🙂

We went to mass, then continued exploring – we went to Fortress Hohensalzburg! The inside was cool, but my favorite parts by far were the incredible views.

We went into a Christmas store… wow! I could not get over the beauty of this shop… so many ornaments:

And we just walked around the city some more, crossing over a few of the footbridges.  This one was my favorite for sure:

Love locks!!

We got dinner at an UNBELIEVABLY GOOD Italian restaurant.  Oh my goodness.  That concluded our visit to Salzburg! Monday morning we were onto Munich … 🙂

Stay tuned to hear about Munich, thanks for reading!

– Tori

Spring Break, Part I: Edinburgh and Prague

On Sunday morning, my older sister, Alexandra, arrived in Edinburgh!! Her job requires that she take off two consecutive weeks of work, so she scheduled her vacation time to coincide with my spring break.  Hooray! We spent Sunday and Monday exploring Edinburgh before setting off to Prague on Tuesday.

Alexandra and I had a very full day on Sunday – according to my phone, we walked over 18 miles!  She took the bus from the airport and I met her at the bus stop.  The walk back to my flat is about 25 minutes, which worked out quite nicely because I got to show her a bit of the city.  Once we dropped her bags off at my flat, we went to Edinburgh Bakehouse.  My flatmate Rachel recommended it to me, and we were not disappointed! I got a “snowball” – a soft cake with raspberry jam in the center, covered in coconut flakes.  Alexandra got two miniature pies – one apple strudel pie, one macaroni pie. 🙂  After that, we went to Filament Coffee, where Alexandra got a cappuccino to help fight the jet lag!  We sat and talked for a while – it was so nice to be with her and share stories of our lives from the past few months.  Since she works full-time and we usually have a 5 hour time difference to work around, I have not been able to talk to her much during my semester abroad!  So, I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be together.  Luckily, we have almost two whole weeks together.  I truly am thankful for each moment with her so far, and for all of those to come!

Once we left the coffee shop, we began exploring the city.  We went to Greyfriars Kirkyard, the graveyard surrounding Greyfriars Kirk (Church) – admittedly, it was actually my first time there.  I told her the story of Greyfriars Bobby, the dog who guarded his masters’ grave for 14 years.  We saw Bobby’s grave as well as the grave of his master, John Gray.  We also found three graves which inspired characters in the Harry Potter series.  While she was writing the books, J.K. Rowling strolled through Greyfriars Kirkyard and apparently found inspiration!  The grave of Thomas Riddell was the inspiration for the character of Tom Riddle, William McGonagall for Minerva McGonagall, and Elizabeth Moodie for Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody.  Alexandra is a big fan of Harry Potter, so of course this was a must-do!

We walked the Royal Mile, stopping in a few Taste of Scotland of shops along the way, of course.  Then we made our way to the Grassmarket, where we got lunch and ice cream.  For lunch, we went to Graze – somewhere I have been wanting to go but had not gotten around to yet!  It was delicious, and I will definitely be back.  We both got salad boxes – they are a fixed price, and you can fill it with whatever you want from the salad bar until the box is full.  It was such a great deal and SO yummy.

After lunch, we went to Mary’s Milk Bar (they recognize me there now. It’s fine) and got ice cream cones! I got fresh mint creme – one of the daily specials, and dark chocolate – a resident flavor, if you will.  Alexandra got goat’s cheese & honey and hazelnut – both daily specials.  At Mary’s, there are only three flavors offered every single day: milk, dark chocolate, and salted caramel.  Everything else depends on what Mary decides to make and what is in season.  She is so creative – I have seen everything from tea & lemon to violet to cinnamon & peanut to hot cross bun spice.  There are always so many different flavors – at least ten each day.  Can you tell how much I love Mary’s Milk Bar…?

We climbed Arthur’s Seat (my fifth time! it still hasn’t gotten old).  Here is a photo of us together at the top:

And here is a dorky picture of me near the start of the climb:

After the climb, we went back to my flat to freshen up.  Then, we went to dinner at The World’s End – my third time there! Of course, we got fish and chips, their specialty.  After dinner, we met up with some of my friends from church 🙂 Since the normal student mass time is not offered during spring break, we went to another mass together at the local Jesuit center.  Afterwards, we went to Teviot, the student row house, for drinks and conversation.  I was so excited for Alexandra to meet some of my friends and to hang out with them one last time before heading off on my adventures in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany.  We had a wonderful time all together, but Alexandra and I were exhausted from our long day (Alexandra was especially tired, having only slept a few hours on the plane!) so we had to leave after a bit 🙁

On Monday, we got lunch at The Elephant House, which is where J.K. Rowling started writing Harry Potter.  I loved it there and definitely have to go back!  I was (for the several-thousandth time in my life) inspired to read the Harry Potter books, especially after going into the bathroom where the walls are covered in fans’ notes about how the books have impacted their lives.  Every year I vow to read the books, but the page counts are daunting and life just gets busy! One day.

After The Elephant House, we went to the National Museum of Scotland. We spent a little over an hour there.  We walked through the exhibits and watched the Millennium Clock on the hour, which was so cool!

We walked around New Town for a bit and stopped in a few shops, a perfect rainy day activity.  Finally, we went to dinner at Fiddler’s Arms, where Alexandra tried haggis for the first time 🙂  Monday was much less jam-packed than Sunday, in part because of the rainy weather, but also because we were tired and had to recuperate before our big trip!  So, it really worked out quite nicely.

On Tuesday we were off to Prague! We had a connecting flight, and unfortunately, we ended up sitting on the first plane for over two hours before it finally took off.  Because of this, we missed our second flight and ended up taking a much later one, so we arrived at our hostel around 10:00 instead of 6:00 as we had planned :/ After checking in, we walked around the city for a little bit and got excited for the exploring we would be doing on Wednesday!  Prague is beautiful at night, and the view from the Charles Bridge is just breathtaking.

We tried to do as much as possible on Wednesday, as it was our only full day in Prague.  First, we went to the Prague Castle.  Our ticket allowed us entry to St. George’s Basilica, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Golden Lane.  First, we went into St. George’s Basilica:

Outside of St. George’s Basilica

Inside of St. George’s Basilica

Then, we headed towards St. Vitus Cathedral, but came across an adorable market along the way! We bought a hot chocolate from the first stand we saw – it was not typical hot chocolate though.  Imagine a melted chocolate bar.  That gets you pretty close.  It was so delicious. Honestly, I’ll be thinking about it for years to come…

Here’s a picture of the market:

Then we went to St. Vitus Cathedral!

Outside of St. Vitus Cathedral

Inside of St. Vitus Cathedral

Finally, we visited Golden Lane, which is a street with little colored houses!

Our ticket also included Old Royal Palace, but that did not open until the afternoon so we did not get the chance to go.  However, we did stop in the castle gardens for a bit – they were beautiful!

After visiting the castle, Alexandra and I climbed the Old Town Hall tower for a magnificent panoramic view of the city.

Then, we met Alexandra’s college friend Rachel at the Astronomical Clock! Here is the clock:

Alexandra went to New Zealand with Rachel on a short-term study abroad trip and now Rachel is spending the semester in Prague.  They also know each other from their sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, at the University of Maryland.

Rachel showed us around the town for a few hours until she had class.  We started in Old Town Square, where we saw something so cool – I don’t know if there’s a name for this so I’ll just call him a bubble street artist.

We stopped in a few shops, went to the Jewish quarter, and (of course) got ice cream. But not just any ice cream… doughnut cone ice cream. With nutella and strawberries.

Then we went to the John Lennon wall, which is where we spent most of our time 😆  I have never seen anything like it, and Rachel said that the wall is vastly different each time she goes.  I could spend hours there and still keep finding new things on the wall.

I thought this was very appropriate – travel the world! 🙂

Love is all you need.

Rachel went to class while Alexandra and I got a late lunch, then went to a park with peacocks roaming around it!  We walked around the town some more and went to a Salvador Dali exhibit in a museum.  He is my favorite artist, so I was so excited about that!

Here I am with a photo of him 🙂

Finally, we met back up with Rachel for a late dinner at a restaurant near her apartment serving typical Czech cuisine.  They did not speak English, and it was not in the main touristy area of the city, so it really was an authentic experience! Luckily, Rachel (and Google) helped us figure out the menu.  The food was delicious! After dinner, Alexandra and I got packed and ready to head out early for our train to Vienna, Austria.  (Stay tuned for a blog post about Austria!!)  I loved Prague and I am so glad I got to visit.  I hope to go back one day!  It was a great start to our trip (even with the flight fiasco).

As always, thanks for reading!

– Tori

Dundee, Stonehaven, and Aberdeen Day Trip

I really cannot believe it, but I have completed my last week of classes for the semester.  My last class was on Thursday, March 31!  I still have final papers to finish and a final exam to take, but I am done with lectures.  I am so upset about it, too – the time has absolutely flown by and this just reminds me that the semester is quickly coming to an end. 😥 I keep forgetting I have to leave eventually (or, rather, convincing myself otherwise). 🙁  Of course, I am still making sure I see and experience as much as I possibly can during my time here.  So… what better to do than a day trip to three beautiful cities in Scotland?!

On Saturday, I went on a day trip with ISTours – the same tour company who organized and led the phenomenal weekend trip to Isle of Skye.  I was eager to see some beautiful sights, and equally excited to see my friend Hoji, who leads the tours, again!

Our first stop on the tour was Dundee.  We only stayed here for a short time, but the city was cute!  It became known as the city of “jam, jute, and journalism,”  the three Js, because these used to be its main industries.  Now, the only surviving “J” is journalism… and it is alive and well! The publishing company D. C. Thomson is based in Dundee.

All around the town, there are sculptures of characters from comic book magazines published by D. C. Thomson:

In addition to comic character sculptures, there are also penguin sculptures around Dundee.  Dundee is the proud home of The Royal Research Ship Discovery, which traveled to Antarctica on the Discovery Expedition.  So, of course the best way to commemorate this is with adorable penguins!

Walking Penguins Sculpture next to Steeple Church

Penguins outside Discovery Point

My favorite place in Dundee was the McManus Gallery – we did not go inside, but the exterior really looks like a storybook castle!

Beautiful McManus Gallery


After Dundee, our next stop was Stonehaven.  Stonehaven is a stunning town right by the North Sea, home to beautiful beaches and an impressive castle.  This castle, the Dunnottar castle, inspired the castle in Disney’s Brave!

Absolutely stunning!

Posing with the Scottish flag in front of the castle.

Beach by the castle – the body of water is the North Sea.


Last but most certainly not least, we made our way to Aberdeen, nicknamed The Silver City with the Golden Sands.  I loved it here! The city was absolutely beautiful and had some really incredible buildings.  Here is the stunning granite Marischal College:

St. Nicolas Kirk was another fine display of Aberdeen’s architecture.  Unfortunately, I was unable to enter the church during my trip as it was closed – but I guess I just have to go back now! 🙂

St. Nicolas Kirk exterior

I spent the last hour and a half of my day relaxing on the beautiful Aberdeen beach.  I just sat with my thoughts on the shore and watched the waves crash on the rocks.  I brought my journal along with me for the bus ride so I took that out and wrote!  It was exactly what I needed and such a great experience.

Beach in Aberdeen

View of the Sea

All in all, I had a great day and was again reminded of how lucky I am to have the experience to study abroad this semester.  If anyone reading this is considering a semester abroad, year abroad, or even a short-term study abroad… do it!

As always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned to hear about my spring break adventures with my sister Alexandra!

– Tori

Friends Visit Edinburgh!!

I was sad to leave Copenhagen on Monday, but I was beyond excited to show Cait and Natalie the place I am happy to call home this semester!!  After landing in Edinburgh, we took the AirLink bus then walked the remainder of the way to Cait and Nat’s hostel.  We split up for a bit so that I could put my bags back in my flat, but then met at Camera Obscura and World of Illusions.  This museum offers beautiful rooftop views of the city, a camera obscura presentation (the only camera obscura I have ever seen!), and several floors of interesting illusions.

First we went to the very top floor to see the city view – here is a photo I took:

Then, we went to the camera obscura show, which was very cool and quite funny. The camera is over 150 years old and projects live images onto a viewing table located at the center of the dark room we were in.  We were able to see all the famous landmarks in Edinburgh in just about 20 minutes without even moving!

After the camera obscura show, we explored the rest of the World of Illusions museum.  I recognized a few things from reading about them before, so it was really cool to experience them in person! For instance:

(Cait, Nat, Me) Am I extremely tall? Ok, maybe, but…what about now:

(Me, Cait) Cool, right?!


Where did the rest of me go??

We were having way too much fun!

After the museum, we got £1 pizza for dinner – a Monday special at a local pub, Kilderkin.  We considered going to an open mic night at another local pub, but we were too exhausted!

On Tuesday, we met up after my class and hiked Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill.  It was a great day for a hike – perfect temperature and, although a bit cloudy, nice and bright outside.

Here we are midway up our Arthur’s Seat climb:

Me, Natalie, Cait

And at the top:

Natalie, Cait, me

We brought sandwiches and ate lunch near the top… Cait documented the adventure with her selfie stick 😆

Cait, Nat, me

Next, we climbed Calton Hill! I love the view of Edinburgh from Calton Hill:

Finally, after all that walking, we sat down for ice cream at Mary’s Milk Bar – yum 🙂

Natalie was very excited to make it into the picture!!

On Tuesday night, we went to The Three Sisters for their weekly pub quiz.  I was so excited for Cait and Nat to meet some of my friends from school, plus there is free macaroni and cheese at halftime. Win-win situation.  We had a lot of fun, and we absolutely dominated in the first half (we only got one question wrong!)… but lost our edge in the second half.  Maybe one of these times we’ll win 🙂

On Wednesday, we met at Lovecrumbs after I finished class.  Lovecrumbs sells coffee, tea, and – most importantly – yummy cakes.  I got a slice of lemon-raspberry cake, which was very tasty.  (If you haven’t noticed, I eat REALLY healthily when traveling with my friends.)

Then, we went to the Palace of Holyroodhouse (also called the Holyrood Palace). It was my first time visiting the palace, and I loved it.  There were no photos allowed within the palace, but here is a photo of us outside:

Look above us. The unicorn is Scotland’s national animal!

And here is a photo from the Holyrood Abbey:

On Wednesday evening, we got dinner at The World’s End.  I had already been with my parents, and had to go back! They are famous for their fish and chips, so we had to get that! Emily and Carolyn came in from Copenhagen on Wednesday night and met us at the restaurant.  I was so thrilled to see Emily again and to meet Carolyn, whom Emily met through DIS (Danish Institute for Study Abroad).

Here is a picture of all of us:

Me, Cait, Carolyn, Emily, Nat

On Thursday, the girls went to the Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Botanic Gardens while I was in class.  We met up in the evening at my flat, where I prepared a taco bar dinner for our last night all together.

…and this wasn’t even all of it.  The spread: hard shells, soft shells, mild chicken, medium chicken, cilantro-lime rice (brown & white), black bean & corn salsa, mango salsa, guacamole, fajita vegetables, lettuce, tomato, lime, hummus, sour cream, cheddar cheese.  I had so much fun making everything, especially the salsas and guacamole (my favorite condiments), but I severely overestimated how much we would need.  The leftovers lasted several days, including another dinner for four on Saturday. :haha:

After dinner, we went to Holy Thursday mass together.  Then, we went to a Catch Phrase pub quiz as our final activity all together 🙁 It was a lot of fun, but we were so ready for bed by the end.  I walked Cait and Nat to their hostel for some sad final goodbyes – their flight was early Friday morning – then returned to my flat.

On Friday, Carolyn, Em, and I climbed Arthur’s Seat! It was another perfect day for the climb – we got lucky, as Saturday and Sunday both had pretty crummy weather!

And, of course, we had to celebrate the climb with Mary’s Milk Bar. It’s a tradition.  I was hoping to climb Calton Hill with them, too, but my knee was bothering me 🙁 so they did that on their own while I went back to my flat, then to Good Friday mass.  We met up after mass for a nice dinner at Black Bull on Grassmarket.

On Saturday morning, I met Carolyn and Em at the weekly Grassmarket Farmer’s Market, where we got delicious macarons from Mademoiselle Macaron.  Then, we went grocery shopping for our homemade Easter Sunday Brunch 🙂  We split up for a bit then reconvened at my flat for taco leftovers.  Even with the three of us plus my friend Michael, we still did not finish them.  At least now I know I can cook for a crowd.

After dinner, Carolyn and Emily went back to their hostel while Michael and I went to Easter Vigil at St. Albert’s Catholic Chaplaincy.  The Vigil was absolutely beautiful, and I was blown away by the choir – especially their last song, Hallelujah.  After mass, I went to Teviot (the student row house) with some friends from church – Balázs, Clare, Mathews, and Michael – and Carolyn and Em met us there.  We hung out and talked for a while before all heading back to our respective flats/hostels.  Again, I was so grateful for the opportunity to introduce my friends to each other 🙂

Sunday was our last full day together, but we made the most of it!! Em and I went to Easter mass together in the morning, then met Carolyn at my flat where we prepared a delicious brunch.  Alex showed up a bit later and joined us for fun and food!

Carolyn made delicious scrambled eggs with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, tomatoes, onions, and peppers.  Emily did a magnificent job of slicing the strawberries.  I made french toast (served with Nutella and whipped cream) and bacon.  We also had yogurt and granola, and avocado toast (toast + avocado + crushed red pepper + olive oil + salt).  Last but certainly not least, we had mimosas!

My plate (well, my first plate).

Emily and I with our mimosas!

Brunch was so much fun and I am so glad we were able to spend time together cooking and laughing and – of course – eating delicious food!  This was the first time I was not with my family for Easter, so having such great people to spend it with was really nice.

Carolyn and Em had an evening flight on Monday, so we met up briefly in the afternoon for some final exploring and souvenir shopping before parting ways one last time 🙁

I still cannot believe how quickly the week and a half with my friends flew by, but I am so grateful I got to spend time with them… and I am honored that they chose to spend part of their spring breaks in Edinburgh!

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! Happy April 🙂

– Tori

Weekend Trip to Copenhagen

On Friday, March 18, I very excitedly boarded a plane to Copenhagen.  I was on my way to visit Emily, who is studying in Denmark.  I missed Emily so much and could not wait to be reunited.  And to make it even better, Cait and Natalie would be arriving in Copenhagen on Saturday… meaning 4 of the 6 girls from last semester’s apartment would finally be together again 🙂

My plane landed just before noon and Emily met me at the airport.  She brought a Danish flag with her, which was such a sweet welcome 🙂  We explored the city for a bit: Emily pointed out her school, showed me a student cafe, and took me to an ice cream shop! We went to Nyhavn, where we got ice cream then sat and ate it by the canal.  Then, we took the bus to Emily’s homestay, where her host family kindly and generously allowed me to stay during my time in Denmark.

I met Emily’s host mom (Lene), her two host brothers, and her host sister.  Emily’s host dad (Jesper) had a late night at work, so I met him on Saturday morning.  They were all so kind and really great, interesting people.

After arriving and settling in, Emily and I went for a walk with her host family’s dog, Max.  We explored a beautiful area right nearby – look how stunning:

Lene made us rice pudding for dinner on Friday – it was SO good.  Since Jesper usually does the cooking, Lene’s rice pudding is a rare treat for the family – I am very glad I was there for it 🙂 Adding to the rarity of the night, check out the incredible sky I witnessed:

Unbelievable, right? I was in awe.

After dinner, we watched X-Factor and Lene made candy bowls, which is a Friday evening tradition for Danish families.  I was very excited to watch Danish X-Factor, but I accidentally fell asleep not even a minute in. Oops.  I was tired from traveling!!

On Saturday, Cait and Natalie arrived! Emily picked them up at the airport and I waited back at the house.  We just hung out around the house on Saturday.  We told stories of our semesters, laughed a lot, and made dinner together.

On Sunday, we went into the city.  I took an early bus in so I could go to Palm Sunday mass, but… I guess I misunderstood the mass schedule I found online because the mass was neither Catholic nor in English, both of which I was under the impression it would be.  It was an adventure for sure!

We all met up in Nyhavn, the beautiful canal district in Copenhagen. Here is a photo:

The first thing we did was go on a canal tour! Unfortunately, we could not hear almost anything the tour guide said.  Luckily, Emily came to the rescue! She had been on a canal tour the weekend before, so she could fill us in on what he was saying.
Here is a photo I took during the canal tour:

And here are the four of us after the tour:

Emily also has a very good knowledge of the city and its history, so we learned even more from her throughout the day.

After the canal tour, we visited the Amalienborg Palace, the Queen’s palace in Copenhagen.

Then, we met up with Emily’s friend Zoie and got lunch at Papirøen (Paper Island), a street food market.  I got a Korean dish called Japchae – it was SO good. There were so many options, though, it was so hard to decide! There were so many stands: pancakes, burgers, sushi, cheesecake, Indian, tacos, and on and on.

After lunch, we went to the Church of Our Savior, where we climbed 400 steps to reach the top.  At the top, the stairs transitioned from being inside the church tower to being an external winding staircase!! It was so cool.

Here’s a photo of the external section of the stairs (I did not take this – source):

And here is a photo from the top!

Afterwards, we went back to Emily’s home and made dinner and prepared for an early departure on Monday. 🙁 But the adventure continued… Cait and Natalie came back to Edinburgh with me, and Emily arrived two days later – along with her friend Carolyn! I will write about our Edinburgh adventures in the next post!

– Tori