Weekend Trip to Copenhagen

On Friday, March 18, I very excitedly boarded a plane to Copenhagen.  I was on my way to visit Emily, who is studying in Denmark.  I missed Emily so much and could not wait to be reunited.  And to make it even better, Cait and Natalie would be arriving in Copenhagen on Saturday… meaning 4 of the 6 girls from last semester’s apartment would finally be together again 🙂

My plane landed just before noon and Emily met me at the airport.  She brought a Danish flag with her, which was such a sweet welcome 🙂  We explored the city for a bit: Emily pointed out her school, showed me a student cafe, and took me to an ice cream shop! We went to Nyhavn, where we got ice cream then sat and ate it by the canal.  Then, we took the bus to Emily’s homestay, where her host family kindly and generously allowed me to stay during my time in Denmark.

I met Emily’s host mom (Lene), her two host brothers, and her host sister.  Emily’s host dad (Jesper) had a late night at work, so I met him on Saturday morning.  They were all so kind and really great, interesting people.

After arriving and settling in, Emily and I went for a walk with her host family’s dog, Max.  We explored a beautiful area right nearby – look how stunning:

Lene made us rice pudding for dinner on Friday – it was SO good.  Since Jesper usually does the cooking, Lene’s rice pudding is a rare treat for the family – I am very glad I was there for it 🙂 Adding to the rarity of the night, check out the incredible sky I witnessed:

Unbelievable, right? I was in awe.

After dinner, we watched X-Factor and Lene made candy bowls, which is a Friday evening tradition for Danish families.  I was very excited to watch Danish X-Factor, but I accidentally fell asleep not even a minute in. Oops.  I was tired from traveling!!

On Saturday, Cait and Natalie arrived! Emily picked them up at the airport and I waited back at the house.  We just hung out around the house on Saturday.  We told stories of our semesters, laughed a lot, and made dinner together.

On Sunday, we went into the city.  I took an early bus in so I could go to Palm Sunday mass, but… I guess I misunderstood the mass schedule I found online because the mass was neither Catholic nor in English, both of which I was under the impression it would be.  It was an adventure for sure!

We all met up in Nyhavn, the beautiful canal district in Copenhagen. Here is a photo:

The first thing we did was go on a canal tour! Unfortunately, we could not hear almost anything the tour guide said.  Luckily, Emily came to the rescue! She had been on a canal tour the weekend before, so she could fill us in on what he was saying.
Here is a photo I took during the canal tour:

And here are the four of us after the tour:

Emily also has a very good knowledge of the city and its history, so we learned even more from her throughout the day.

After the canal tour, we visited the Amalienborg Palace, the Queen’s palace in Copenhagen.

Then, we met up with Emily’s friend Zoie and got lunch at Papirøen (Paper Island), a street food market.  I got a Korean dish called Japchae – it was SO good. There were so many options, though, it was so hard to decide! There were so many stands: pancakes, burgers, sushi, cheesecake, Indian, tacos, and on and on.

After lunch, we went to the Church of Our Savior, where we climbed 400 steps to reach the top.  At the top, the stairs transitioned from being inside the church tower to being an external winding staircase!! It was so cool.

Here’s a photo of the external section of the stairs (I did not take this – source):

And here is a photo from the top!

Afterwards, we went back to Emily’s home and made dinner and prepared for an early departure on Monday. 🙁 But the adventure continued… Cait and Natalie came back to Edinburgh with me, and Emily arrived two days later – along with her friend Carolyn! I will write about our Edinburgh adventures in the next post!

– Tori

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