Dundee, Stonehaven, and Aberdeen Day Trip

I really cannot believe it, but I have completed my last week of classes for the semester.  My last class was on Thursday, March 31!  I still have final papers to finish and a final exam to take, but I am done with lectures.  I am so upset about it, too – the time has absolutely flown by and this just reminds me that the semester is quickly coming to an end. 😥 I keep forgetting I have to leave eventually (or, rather, convincing myself otherwise). 🙁  Of course, I am still making sure I see and experience as much as I possibly can during my time here.  So… what better to do than a day trip to three beautiful cities in Scotland?!

On Saturday, I went on a day trip with ISTours – the same tour company who organized and led the phenomenal weekend trip to Isle of Skye.  I was eager to see some beautiful sights, and equally excited to see my friend Hoji, who leads the tours, again!

Our first stop on the tour was Dundee.  We only stayed here for a short time, but the city was cute!  It became known as the city of “jam, jute, and journalism,”  the three Js, because these used to be its main industries.  Now, the only surviving “J” is journalism… and it is alive and well! The publishing company D. C. Thomson is based in Dundee.

All around the town, there are sculptures of characters from comic book magazines published by D. C. Thomson:

In addition to comic character sculptures, there are also penguin sculptures around Dundee.  Dundee is the proud home of The Royal Research Ship Discovery, which traveled to Antarctica on the Discovery Expedition.  So, of course the best way to commemorate this is with adorable penguins!

Walking Penguins Sculpture next to Steeple Church

Penguins outside Discovery Point

My favorite place in Dundee was the McManus Gallery – we did not go inside, but the exterior really looks like a storybook castle!

Beautiful McManus Gallery


After Dundee, our next stop was Stonehaven.  Stonehaven is a stunning town right by the North Sea, home to beautiful beaches and an impressive castle.  This castle, the Dunnottar castle, inspired the castle in Disney’s Brave!

Absolutely stunning!

Posing with the Scottish flag in front of the castle.

Beach by the castle – the body of water is the North Sea.


Last but most certainly not least, we made our way to Aberdeen, nicknamed The Silver City with the Golden Sands.  I loved it here! The city was absolutely beautiful and had some really incredible buildings.  Here is the stunning granite Marischal College:

St. Nicolas Kirk was another fine display of Aberdeen’s architecture.  Unfortunately, I was unable to enter the church during my trip as it was closed – but I guess I just have to go back now! 🙂

St. Nicolas Kirk exterior

I spent the last hour and a half of my day relaxing on the beautiful Aberdeen beach.  I just sat with my thoughts on the shore and watched the waves crash on the rocks.  I brought my journal along with me for the bus ride so I took that out and wrote!  It was exactly what I needed and such a great experience.

Beach in Aberdeen

View of the Sea

All in all, I had a great day and was again reminded of how lucky I am to have the experience to study abroad this semester.  If anyone reading this is considering a semester abroad, year abroad, or even a short-term study abroad… do it!

As always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned to hear about my spring break adventures with my sister Alexandra!

– Tori

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