Spring Break, Part II: Vienna, Hallstatt, Salzburg

The spring break adventure continues – on Thursday, Alexandra and I hopped on a train from Prague to Vienna. We had less than a day here, so of course we had to make the most of it.  After checking into our hostel, we went straight to the Schönbrunn Palace.  We bought the Classic Pass which allowed us entry to the Palace, Privy Garden, Orangery Garden, Maze/Labyrinth and Gloriette Viewing Terrace.

The palace was magnificent; unfortunately, no photos were allowed inside.  Our ticket included an audioguide, so we learned all about the history of the palace and the Habsburg family.  Check out how massive this palace is – I could not even capture the whole thing in a regular photo, so I had to take a panoramic shot.

Next, we went to the Privy Garden:

And then the Orangery Garden:

We went to the labyrinth, where there were a few mazes and other fun playground-type activities.  Finally, we went to the Gloriette Viewing Terrace.  This is what the Gloriette looks like:

From a distance

Closer up

And this was our view from the terrace:

Having visited all the sites our ticket included, we left the Schönbrunn Palace and continued exploring the town.  We went to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, where we climbed the tower to see an aerial view of the city:

We also went inside the cathedral, which was so beautiful.  I took some pictures, but they all turned out blurry… 😳

Then we went to Mozarthaus, where Mozart lived for 3 years! Alexandra and I both play piano so this was right up our alley 🙂 The residence-turned-museum was very cool.  There was so much information, we could have spent all day there and still have more to learn.  (In addition to all the information written all around the museum, our entry included an audioguide with hours of audio).

Alexandra and I both felt exhausted from being on our feet for so long, so we decided to go to a restaurant where we could sit down for dinner.  We ordered a wiener schnitzel and a goulash – two typical Viennese dishes – and split each in half.  After dinner, we continued exploring.  We went to the Hofburg Palace and Austria National Library – it was getting quite late by this point, so they were closed, but they were stunning from the outside!

Hofburg Palace on left, Austria National Library on right.

We walked around the area a bit more before retiring to our hostel.  We had to wake up early on Friday to catch a train to Hallstatt! On our way to the train station, we stopped to look at City Hall.  It is stunning!

(The white tents were for some sort of a race going on later that day.)

We ate a nice breakfast at Café Eiles, then continued to the train station. Onto Hallstatt!

Hallstatt is an adorable, quaint little town!  A friend of mine recommended I visit here while in Austria, so Alexandra and I made sure to include it in our itinerary… I am so glad we did.  It was rainy the day we were there, and still managed to look magnificent.

We spent just one night in Hallstatt, then took a bus to Salzburg on Saturday morning.  We arrived in Salzburg around noon.  We quickly checked into our hostel then met in Mirabellplatz for our Sound of Music bus tour!! Alexandra loves The Sound of Music – she used to watch it constantly when she was younger.  I like it too, but I have only seen it a couple of times.  The tour was fantastic – our guide was entertaining and we saw so much.  Our guide played Sound of Music songs on the bus, and everyone sang along… it was so cute 🙂

I am sixteen, going on seventeen…

Mid-tour photo stop: Alexandra and I

Basilica St. Michael Mondsee, where the Sound of Music wedding was filmed

Mirabell Gardens: Mi, a name, I call myself; Fa, a long long way to run!

Mirabell Gardens: Gnome which appeared in the Sound of Music

For dinner, we went to Augustiner Bräu – a beer house which Alexandra’s friend recommended. It was very cool and unlike anything I had ever seen before.  There were an array of stands to buy food and a huge hall to sit and eat it.  After eating dinner, we went back to the hostel to rest before our second day of exploring Salzburg.

On Sunday morning, we walked around the Old Town.  First we went to Kapitelplatz, where we saw a statue of a man on a golden ball (admittedly, I’m not sure what the significance of this is, but it was cool) and a huge chess game!

Goldene Kugel (“The Golden Sphere”) by Stephan Balkenhol

Next, we went to Residenzplatz:

Finally, we went to Mozartplatz, where we heard the glockenspiel play.

Me with a statue of Mozart 🙂

We went to mass, then continued exploring – we went to Fortress Hohensalzburg! The inside was cool, but my favorite parts by far were the incredible views.

We went into a Christmas store… wow! I could not get over the beauty of this shop… so many ornaments:

And we just walked around the city some more, crossing over a few of the footbridges.  This one was my favorite for sure:

Love locks!!

We got dinner at an UNBELIEVABLY GOOD Italian restaurant.  Oh my goodness.  That concluded our visit to Salzburg! Monday morning we were onto Munich … 🙂

Stay tuned to hear about Munich, thanks for reading!

– Tori

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