Synonyms Can Save Your Paper


By: Kailey Medzadourian

Writing well not only requires skill, but it also requires character. Whether you’re writing a short story, an essay or any other written work, it’s important to change up your language. Using varied word choices can be beneficial for your paper in more ways than one! Writing the same words over and over again such as “said” or “angry” or even “very” can cause the reader to lose focus and become confused. By changing up the words you use, you are not only making your work more interesting but you’re also showing that you have a large vocabulary. Nobody likes to read a dry paper that uses the same three adjectives and adverbs interchangeably, so keep this in mind the next time you’re writing!

Check out this list (and the list below) of different ways to use similar words – just make sure you use them in the right context, of course!


Kailey Medzadourian is a junior Journalism & Electronic Media major and writing minor from Washington Township, NJ. This is her second year working at the Writing Center.