September 2

The first week of classes has set the fall 2015 semester into full swing!

One thing that’s so great about this University is that it aims to keep its students involved and active on campus. By engaging in the various clubs and activities students are able to not only get to know more about the school, but also get to know each other! For more photos from this week, check out our Flickr album!

In this issue:

Annual Student Activities Club Fair
The 5th Annual Downtown Scavenger Hunt
Student Spotlight on…A First Year and A Transfer Student 
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Annual Student Activities Club Fair
by Jessica Perillo

activities fairStudents only get out what they want from The University of Scranton depending on how much they choose to put in. Here at The U, students do not have trouble staying active and finding new ways to participate in the campus community!

On Friday, hundreds of University students filled the Dionne Green for the annual Student Activities Club Fair. Students were eager to sign up for as many clubs and activities as they could, quickly realizing that something just had to give, as though there is just not enough time in the day to participate in everything.

From breaking it down with the Urban Beats Crew to practicing a second language with the Italian Society to volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, Scranton students have the opportunity to be a part of more than 90 clubs and organizations

Andrew Pomykalski is a senior and president of the Club Volleyball team.

“Our team helps students that share a common interest get involved on campus and maintain a healthy lifestyle by staying active,” said Pomykalski.

Clubs, activities and organizations range from academic and honors organizations, to cultural and ethnic groups, to hobby and special interest groups, to political groups and student government, and to service and spiritual groups. If students can’t find a group that interests them, they can create a new one!

Susan Pasquariello, a senior, recently created her the Pre-Physician Assistant Club. “We made this club as a resource for other students who were interested in the occupation,” she said.

If you could not make it to this Club and Activities Fair, don’t worry! It’s never too late to get involved! The Winter Clubs and Activities Fair will take place after winter break, and it serves as a second chance to join the various clubs and organizations. So keep up the school spirit and continue to get involved, Royals!

The 5th Annual Downtown Scavenger Hunt
by Michele Schulmeister

scavenger huntOn Friday, Aug. 28, hundreds of students crowded the Dionne Green in anticipation of the 5th annual Downtown Scavenger Hunt. “This year a total of 278 students took part in the 5th annual Downtown Scavenger Hunt, making it our largest yet,” said Director of Community and Government Relations Julie Schumacher Cohen.

Participants were given a list of 35 businesses located in downtown Scranton. Their objective was to pick up a “treasure,” which consisted of coupons, menus or giveaways from each location as well as to find and take a picture with Iggy in 90 minutes or less.

The first three teams to complete these tasks were given prizes. This year’s grand prize,  a $100 POSH dinner gift certificate and two Broadway in Scranton tickets, was awarded to juniors Mackenzie Black and Alex Gardner.

Read the full story here.

Student Spotlight on:

A First Year

NinaNina Abate
Hometown: East Meadow, New York
Major: Communication

Q: Did you have a specific moment when you knew you wanted to go to Scranton?

N: After I saw it on a campus tour. I was able to see all the buildings and I liked how in LSC you could write on the glass windows and all of the new technology they had.

Q: Has anything typically “freshman” happened to you yet? Have you gotten lost or anything like that?

N: Oh yeah, a bunch of times. I was walking around LSC and I was so ready to just go into my room and stay there.

Q: Favorite thing about Scranton so far?

N: The food!

A Transfer Student

danielDaniel D’Agostini
Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Major: Electrical Engineering

Q: What do you think makes the University of Scranton unique?

D: The campus is really nice, the food is great, and honestly, it’s just a friendly environment. The opportunity to play a D3 sport is cool too!

Q: What are you most looking forward to for the fall semester?

D: The beginning of wrestling season, making new friends, and really doing well in school. I feel so cliché, but it’s true!

Q: What has been your favorite meal here so far?

D: That would definitely have to be the stir-fry, and the pierogi are bangin’, too!

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