November 18

As the semester comes to an end, students can be found studying in the library and other quiet places on campus. But that doesn’t mean they’re not making time for the many things that are happening around them. Read on to learn about our sustainable campus as well as some advice from some of our academic advisors! 

Sustainability Symposium Fall 2015

sustainability symposium

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, more than 200 guests attended the Fall 2015 Sustainability Symposium. This symposium focused on Pope Francis’ Environmental Encyclical: Laudato Sí. Fr. Rick Malloy, S.J. was the keynote speaker.

At the beginning of the event, Michael Cann, Ph.D., was awarded the Saint Francis of Assisi Caring for Creation Sustainability Award. He received this honor for helping promote sustainability in the University’s operations and curriculum for the past 25 years.

Mark Murphy, director of sustainability at the University, explained that the symposium presented the powerful message that climate change is real. The University is doing its part to make a change through various sustainability initiatives. “Our most recent initiatives include an LED outdoor lighting project that uses 80 percent less energy and the LEED Loyola Science Center display cases presentation, which tells the story of how LSC is an environmentally friendly building,” said Murphy.

The Communication Department live-streamed the symposium, which allowed for a broader audience. A group from Loyola University of Chicago was able to watch the event live and text in questions during the discussion session.

Casino Night

casino night

This past weekend, the office of Residence Life hosted a Casino Night. The night was Gatsby-themed and many students dressed accordingly. Games such as roulette, poker, craps, and blackjack were played all throughout the night. There was also plenty of entertainment, food and prizes. Check out our album from the night here!

Undecided Major Advice

undecided major

First-years, are you still undecided about your major? Have no fear, our advisors have some helpful advice for you!

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) academic advisor M. Andy Nagy encourages undecided students to explore their options. “College is designed for students to learn about course content but more importantly, it is a time for them to learn about themselves. Through taking courses in a major that one might be considering, one might learn about one’s own strengths, interests and values,” said Nagy. CAS also encourages students who are undecided to get involved in clubs, organizations, athletics and volunteer experiences to help them discover more about what they might enjoy.

Robert M. Knight Jr., a new academic advisor to CAS and a 2008 Scranton graduate, encourages students to have open communication with their professors, advisors, mentors and peers about their likes and dislikes in order to narrow down a major of interest. “It’s okay to be undecided!  Lots of students feel they must have a major as soon as possible or they are going to be behind in credits,” said Knight. “While some programs of study are more rigorous than others, it is better to take your time and find an area of study you truly like instead of settling.”

Dianne Postgate, assistant dean for academic services for the Panuska College of Professional Studies (PCPS), simply advises students to visit Career Services and find a major that fits their talents and abilities.

Students at the University are encouraged to speak with their academic advising center to get more tips and strategies for how to progress toward declaring a suitable major!


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