October 26

Come One, Come All: The University of Scranton’s Open House

By: Kayla Johnson

This past Sunday, The University of Scranton hosted the first Open House of the season, welcoming more than a thousand potential students to campus. In traditional Open House style, the students and their families were offered campus-wide tours of the dorms and facilities, talked with members of athletic teams, faculty members and current students enrolled in various programs.

The families and students were served complimentary brunch and lunch (from our top-ranked food service!) and were greeted by students and Admissions faculty as they started their day. They were able to meet with different departments and teachers, depending on students’ interests. The campus tours allowed the students to get an up close and personal look at the University and presented the students with history of the school and the many reasons to attend this wonderful place!

Open House is the perfect way to highlight the outstanding achievements and amazing campus of The University of Scranton. “A Day on the Commons” is a wonderful introduction for the incoming students; it opens their eyes to Scranton’s family atmosphere and close-knit community.

Couldn’t make it? Check out the Open House page to RSVP for the next one on Nov. 6.

Love Your Body Day 2016

By: Megan Castaldi

Hosted by the Jane Kopas Women’s Center, “Love Your Body Day” is an annual event that promotes self-love and positivity, and empowers individuals to love themselves for who they are!

Love Your Body Day took place Wednesday, Oct. 19.

The day’s events featured a table fair, which provided information regarding men and masculinity, childhood beauty standards, social media, race and ethnicity and much more! In addition to the table fair, there were also self-care activities that included yoga, meditation, mandala coloring, bracelet beading and sand art.

“This event is important because many people on this campus struggle with body acceptance and self-esteem,” said Abbey Kennedy, Student coordinator for Love Your Body Day. “This event allows them an opportunity to learn about societal beauty expectations, and what they can do to promote self-acceptance and body positivity. We encourage all members of the community to engage in this event so they can actively work towards ending body shaming.”

Kennedy’s favorite part of Love Your Body Day was the promotional video made for the event.

She explained, “We asked campus community members to write a compliment about their friend on a white board, while their friend did the same. We then asked them to show each other their boards and we recorded their reactions. It was an incredible experience to not only real the wonderful things people thought about their friends, but to watch their reactions to reading a genuine compliment about themselves.”

To view the promotional video for Love Your Body Day, click here.

See our Flickr page for photos from this event.

Click here to learn more about the Jane Kopas Women’s Center.

Global Tastes of Scranton: Congolese Culture

By: Robert Bauer

This past week, Global Tastes of Scranton worked with the Congolese refugee community to bring some Congolese culture to Scranton.

The event utilized the Scranton Cultural Center to help create a “pop-up restaurant” of Congolese cuisine, culture and history. The entrance hall displayed posters and pamphlets containing facts about the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). A video reel also displayed artifacts from the DRC currently being held by the local Everhart Museum.

Guests experienced delicious Congolese cuisine together at long tables in the center. Chefs served a buffet of traditional pondu and fufu along with fish, beef kabobs, beans, rice and plantains. Members of the Congolese community sang and danced during the event, and spoke to guests about the struggles of being a refugee embracing a new world.

“I think it was a wonderful event,” said Jimena Pacheco, a University international student who attended the event. “It allowed guests to have a glimpse of the Congolese culture and realize the struggles people have been through, and are still going through, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

At the end of the event, the guests joined the Congolese community to perform the “Congolese Rumba.” Everyone had a wonderful night.

Watch some highlights below and by following us on Snapchat @ univofscranton!

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