Fall Open House

Every fall, The University of Scranton hosts its annual Open Houses for prospective students and their parents to come and check out the campus and learn about what the University has to offer. There are numerous events that attendees can take part in such as the campus tour, seeing the dorm rooms, learning about all of the different clubs and having lunch in the DeNaples Center. Open House is a great way for people to really get a grasp on what the University is like and whether or not Scranton is a good choice for them.

The student tour guides on campus are very helpful and informative when it comes to giving information about Scranton. Numerous tours are held throughout the day and students get to see all of the ins and outs of the school. At the beginning of the day, incoming students attend an informational session and then head out to see the campus.

In the Byron Center, there was an event where each club and organization on campus had a booth for people to learn more about what they do. Along with this, tours around the entire campus was held. People got to see all of the educational buildings, the DeNaples Center and the dorms. When tour guides brought their groups to the dorms there were specific rooms that were set up for people to see what the inside of a real dorm room looked like. All of the information is very useful and helpful for incoming students. It really shows them what the campus is like and what our school has to offer.

The University of Scranton is a great school with an even better community and the fall Open Houses is a great way for prospective students to see that.

Attend the next Open House on Nov. 5! http://admissions.scranton.edu/visit/open-house-nov.shtml

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