Stress-Less Week: The President’s Breakfast

The President’s Breakfast, the last event of CHEW’s Stress-Less Week,¬†was hosted on the third floor of The DeNaples Center on Monday night. The breakfast helps students take time away from the books and their notes for a much-needed study break. Professors took a break from preparing the students’ final exams to serve some staple breakfast foods: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, french toasts. Professors brought the meals to the students to help ease the stresses of finals week, even if only a bit, as well as to interact with the students and impart some words of wisdom about how to prepare for the exams and how to stay just a little less stressed. Even Fr. Keller was on third floor doing some rounds to say hi and chat with the students and the CHEW helpers.

“It’s so nice to see the professors outside of the classroom. I’ve come to this event every year because it really does let me take a breather from all of the hectic studying,” said Justin Cardino, a senior.

The President’s Breakfast is a tradition of sorts for most of the students that go, it gives them a chance to bond and relax in the midst of a chaotic week — the free food is an added bonus. CHEW’s Stress-Less officially ended on Monday and it ended with a bang — the good feelings of knowing that there are organizations like CHEW that are willing to look out for you is yet another thing that make The University of Scranton feels like home.

For more information on CHEW, check out their page.

To watch the Instagram story from the President’s Breakfast check out our Flickr.


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