Fall Club Fair 2018

The Friday downpours didn’t stop the excitement for the Fall Club Fair this year. Although usually held on the Dionne Green, the fair had the Fourth Floor Denaples Ballroom buzzing with students excited to get involved on campus.

Although the ballroom was crowded, with clubs having to share tables just to fit inside, spirits were still high. Scranton students never mind sharing for a good cause!

As music from the Mamma Mia soundtrack filled the room, students signed up for clubs that resonated with their passions. Whether it was the Biology Club, Gaming Club, Scranton Players or Compassion for Animals Club, there was no shortage of diversity in what students had the option to join.

“We’re really excited for this year and for all of the new members. We wish the fair could have been on the Green, but we’re here to make the most of the situation and promote the clubs regardless,” Liz Kugler, secretary of Compassion for Animals Club, said.

Fair day may have been rainy, but with new and motivated members joining clubs on campus there will be many sunny days ahead.

Still not sure which club to choose? Browse them online at clubs.scranton.edu or find out more information here.

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