A Boardwalk Inauguration

On Sept. 21, Father Pilarz was inaugurated as The University of Scranton’s 27th President.

“I pray today and every day that all of us at Scranton will be preoccupied with love for our students and for one another. I love this place and I am so blessed to be back here with all of you,” the newly installed President Pilarz said, as he beamed from the podium in the Byron Center.

After the ceremony, students, faculty and community members alike made their way toward the Dionne Green for a very special boardwalk-themed reception.

Everything was just “beachy,” as you could grab limited edition President Pilarz beach tags, sunglasses and¬†frisbees. Between the ice cream trucks, boardwalk-reminiscent fries and a live band that played Margaritaville, President Pilarz’ inauguration reception brought the joys of the beach to what would have been a cloudy Scranton day.

While the reception definitely made attendees and students happy, it is evident that Father Pilarz didn’t need the themed party to gain attention from the University community.

“I’m excited to have Father Pilarz as the school’s president after hearing so much about him as a Jesuit and leader for the past couple of years on this campus,” said Colleen Boyle ’20.¬† “He has already established himself as a bold presence and has been able to provide the University reassurance and celebration of our Jesuit mission and values. In the few weeks I’ve been back, it has become clear to me why many of my professors speak of his last tenure here so fondly.”

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