Club Spotlight: Literature Club

We caught up with Kody Fitzgerald (pictured here, center, with other officers), Literature Club president, to find out all about the Literature Club.

What is the goal of the literature club? 

Our club exists to foster the love of all things literature! Whether someone has a passion for writing, reading or grammar, we hope to further those passions. And, for those people who may just be curious about the literary arts, we hope to provide a community from which they can learn.

What kinds of books will you be reading? 

Our club will choose, read and discuss a new book each semester. This semester, our members voted to read a classic in Japanese literature: No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai. It happens to be one of my favorite books, so I’m excited to discuss it with my club members!

Why is it important for Scranton to have this club?

Scranton’s club communities don’t exist just so our school can say, “We have this many clubs.” I believe our communities exist to stimulate discussions, whether those discussions explore cultures, politics or any of the other subjects Scranton clubs have been founded on. Before this year, Scranton’s club communities lacked a club focused on literary discussion, so this club provides an important outlet for that discussion. Without a club like the Literature Club, Scranton students would not have an accessible outlet for this kind of discussion anywhere else on campus.

What does it mean for you to be president of this club?

I am the president of not only the Literature Club but the Asia Club and Gaming Club, as well. Though I have the same title in each club, founding the Literature Club and leading the club as its first president means much more to me in terms of the duties I have to fulfill. My role as president now means I have to build the foundation this club will operate on for as long as the Literature Club exists. I recently found officers as passionate as I am to help me with this difficult duty, and I’m so grateful for their help thus far because they’ve taken on this duty of establishing our club resolutely.

When are meetings and how frequent are they?

We meet every other week from 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. in CLP 224.

What goes on at a typical meeting?

To get our creative juices flowing, we typically begin each meeting with a writing exercise to music, then we compare what we wrote.  Afterward, we usually go over any important announcements, then discuss that semester’s book. We also encourage our members to bring in any literature that they’ve found interesting so we can discuss that, too. We especially welcome literature written by our members to our discussions! After we discuss our book and all of the works brought in by members, we usually conclude with a more general discussion about literature. For example, last week we discussed our literary pet peeves.

What kind of events will your club have?

Because we’re a brand new club, we don’t have the funding other clubs have to run huge events right now, but we do have plans for some smaller and collaborative events coming very soon! Our events will involve various aspects of literature. For example, on Oct. 24, we’re planning for a Halloween-themed poetry reading event. Next month, we’re going to be partnering with Asia Club to have an event that teaches about Asian literature and haiku poetry. Event participants will be able to write their own haiku poem on a shirt, then keep their haiku shirt afterward! We hope to have even more exciting events in the future.

How can you join this club?

All it takes is just coming to a meeting! Joining our Literature Club page on RoyalSync will keep anyone interested up to date on our meetings, events and all of our other announcements.

The Literature Club officers, from left, are Quinn Stanford, vice president, Kody Fitzgerald, president, Anastasia McClendon, secretary.

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