Club Spotlight: Random Acts of Kindness

It only takes one moment to make somebody’s day.  Random Acts of Kindness is a club on campus that strives to put good out into the world in little thoughtful ways.  The valentines pictured here were a project the club put together in February!  Pauline Porucznik is a senior exercise science major, and the vice president of Random Acts of Kindness.  We reached out to her to find out more about the club.

What is Random Acts of Kindness?

Random Acts of Kindness is a selfless act aimed to promote positivity and kindness towards others. No matter how big or small the act may be, whether it be complimenting someone, or buying the next person in line coffee, it can brighten someone’s day or even have the power to change someone’s life for the better.

Why should students get involved in Random Acts of Kindness?

I believe students should get involved in Random Acts of Kindness to encourage a sense of positivity, gratitude, and motivation in the Scranton community and to remind ourselves that there is good and kindness in the world, despite all the negativity. “Every act of kindness creates a ripple with no end.” Be the person that makes a huge impact on someone’s life in a positive way.

What is your favorite thing about the club?

My favorite thing about Random Acts of Kindness is getting students together for meetings to plan out different ways we can spread kindness around campus and the community. Last month for International Random Acts of Kindness Day we gave out goodie bags of candy with an encouraging note inside to random people on campus. It’s very pleasing to see people’s smiles and reactions afterward.

How can students learn more about Random Acts of Kindness?

Students can learn more about our club by connecting with us on RoyalSync or following our Instagram page @scranton_raks !



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