#USgrad19: Kailey Medzadourian

Kailey Medzadourian is a senior from Township of Washington, New Jersey. Her major is strategic communications with a concentration in public relations and she has a minor in writing. She has worked as a Writing Consultant at the CTLE Writing Center for three years and is a member of PRSSA.

What were your expectations about college before coming to Scranton, and how have they changed or stayed the same after being here?

My expectations were set extremely high before coming to Scranton. I had attended an all-girls Catholic high school and I didn’t love it, so I was more than ready for a change. The reason I chose to attend Scranton was that it immediately felt like home when I visited on Accepted Students Day. Thankfully, that feeling of comfort has only grown since my first year and I could never imagine going to college elsewhere.

What is your favorite thing about Scranton?

I have so many favorite things about The University of Scranton, I could never choose just one. I love how comfortable and happy I feel here, I love all the different friends I’ve made along the way and I’m super thankful for all the professors I’ve had over the past four years. I changed my major four times before finding my perfect fit with PR, and I owe it all to them.

What are some “bucket list” things you want to do before leaving Scranton?

I’ve checked off pretty much all of my “bucket list” type activities for Scranton! If anything, I’d love to go to one last RailRiders game or see my freshman, sophomore and junior dorms one last time with my old roommates.

What shocked you the most about your time here?

The thing that shocks me the most about my time here is how hard I fell in love with my major! I came here undecided, switched to education, then English, then journalism and finally found public relations toward the end of sophomore year. I never felt completely happy in any field or specialty until I took my first PR class. I finally felt like all my searching and switching was going to pay off, and I was right. The happiness finding myself and my major gave me was a feeling that seemed hopeless at the beginning of my time here. Realizing that I’m right where I belong was an unforeseeable discovery that I’m beyond thankful to have made.


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