La Festa Italiana

By Lauren Earnshaw

Labor Day weekend is many Scranton students’ favorite weekend of the year because of La Festa Italiana.

Students walk down past Leahy and Hyland to go somewhere other than Dunkin’ — all the way to the square lined with tents.

These tents are filled with Italian food as far as the eye can see, as well as other types of food.

We talked with some students at La Festa to hear their opinions of the festival.

“I love that it’s a great last hurrah of summer/beginning of the new school year, and I love trying a different flavored cannoli each year!” Devin Limper ‘20 said.

Cannolis are definitely a hot ticket item for those at La Festa, but there are endless possibilities to eat before you get to dessert.

Something that catches the eye immediately is the garlic knot slider. We found a Scranton student eating one and had to ask him about it.

“My favorite thing to get is the garlic knot slider; it has chicken parm in between. It’s a great combination of flavor in your mouth– it’s just amazing really,” Luke Croken ‘22 said as he held up his prized possession that was his dinner.

Other people line up for options such as sausage and peppers, pasta of many shapes and sauces, eggplant parm pizza and fried ravioli.

Besides foods that fit more into the Italian categories, La Festa attendees also love options like garlic fries, potato pancakes and many different types of pizza.

“My favorite is the chicken bacon ranch pizza,” Kaylie Leviansky ‘23 said.

Whether you got some Italian pastries, filled up on pizza or quenched your thirst with lemonade, hopefully, you made the most of La Festa Italiana weekend.

See a video from the festival by Maxwell Earl ’21 here!



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