Eating Healthy on Campus

The University of Scranton ranks as one of the top schools when it comes to food. Many upperclassmen tend to stay on the meal plan, which is a rare occurrence at colleges. You can always find friends of all ages in the dining hall, and a lot of that comes from the varying food options.

College students often attempt to lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes a balanced diet. At The University of Scranton, you can always find a healthy option for meals. Read on to get the details.

Third Floor DeNaples – Fresh Food Company

On the third floor of the DeNaples Center, you can find the dining hall. This dining hall differs from the typical stereotypical dining hall, with options ranging from salmon to steak to different stir fry options each day. One of the staples of third floor is a nice balanced plate of some type of

The southwest sweet potato is one of the options at the vegetarian station.

protein, such as chicken, a pasta or potato item and a vegetable. This way, you can get a balanced meal without having to put much thought into it.

The vegetable quesadilla has cheese and assorted veggies cooked on a pan inside a tortilla.

Another popular option on third floor is the vegetarian station. Anyone can get the meal from this station, whether a vegetarian, pescatarian or someone who just enjoys the meal that station features. Often times, the vegetarian station offers a vegan option. Items offered at this station include grain bowls, beet burgers, southwest sweet potato, vegetable quesadillas, tofu dishes and black bean burgers.

In addition, third floor has a gluten-free station for those who are gluten sensitive. These options are usually balanced and very delicious meals. The food is cooked separately to ensure the absence of traces of gluten. For example, the station makes the switch between a flour and corn tortilla for something like a quesadilla.

Of course, the dining hall also has a salad bar, which features spinach, romaine lettuce, different vegetables and salad toppings, protein toppings such as chicken, and also pasta and potato salads. Those who get salads on third floor DeNaples often become pros at making delicious salads.


Mulberry POD

POD salad station

The Mulberry POD is a spot for grabbing food on the go or to sit down and eat with friends. POD has an ever-changing station, Chop Stix, that offers stir fry, potstickers and spring rolls, as well as a salad station and sandwich station. The salad station is a great option for a healthy and quick meal, a combination that can be hard to find.

The sandwich station includes different meats and cheeses, and you can add a healthy component by getting one of their healthier breads and/or vegetables on your sandwich. 


First Floor DeNaples – Mulberry Food Court

First Floor DeNaples is a go-to spot for picking up pre-prepared meals and snack items, as well as has different food stations from which to order. The area features Chick-fil-A, Which Wich, Zoca, Oath, Grille Works and a pasta station. 

There are some healthy options on first floor. 

At Chick-fil-A, you can get a grilled chicken sandwich on a wheat bun — dressed with lettuce and tomato, or you can get grilled chicken nuggets. 

Which Wich sandwich in a spinach wrap

Which Wich offers salads with all the sandwich toppings as choices, or if you want a sandwich, the options include a whole wheat roll or a spinach wrap. 

Zoca serves Mexican cuisine. At Zoca, you can order a taco salad as a healthy option. This includes lettuce as a base with typical burrito ingredients as options to get in the taco salad.

With this plethora of healthy options all on campus, you can eat healthy without having to spend any extra time preparing or planning food at Scranton. Let’s get eating!

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