Seniors Prepare for Their Final Semester

For about a quarter of University of Scranton undergrads, next spring is the last semester they will spend at this school. Seniors are expecting new emotions, opportunities and growth.

Jonna LoPresti ’21 is a strategic communications and social media strategies double major with a concentration in public relations. LoPresti said she is curious to see how her last semester at Scranton will go.

Jonna LoPresti, ’21.

“[The pandemic] has changed so many aspects of college life, and the future is so uncertain,” LoPresti said.

Even through all of the uncertainty, LoPresti said she is still looking forward to the time she has left.

“I [want to] soak up every moment because I know this is a time that I will never get back,” LoPresti said.

LoPresti’s spring semester has a lighter course load than her past semesters. She is also interning with the University’s provost, Dr. Gingerich. LoPresti said she is excited to see how she applies her education to her internship.

“It will be exciting to see the progress that I have made in my studies the past three-and-a-half years and [how] I apply it,” LoPresti said.

LoPresti said she is going to miss many aspects of Scranton after graduation.

“I am truly going to miss the people at Scranton,” LoPresti said, “I see people on campus at random and end up having amazing conversations with them, and the workers in Mulberry POD always have a smile on their face and take the time to talk to me while I wait for my [food]. Those kinds of moments always make my day.”

She said she values the knowledge she’s gained from her professors.

“I am grateful for the education, along with the pieces of life advice, that I have received from my professors in the Communication and Media Department,” she said.

LoPresti will start applying to jobs next semester, and she said she is excited to enter the real world.

“I love college, but I cannot wait to truly be an adult and experience the work environment. I know that I’m ready to grow up,” she said.

Joseph Link ’21 is a nursing major. He said he is looking forward to exploring opportunities during his final semester.

Joseph Link, ’21.

“I’m… looking forward to exploring other areas of nursing such as home health and hospice,” Link said.

Link volunteers at the Steamtown National Historic Site and also sings in the choir at Scranton. He said he is going to miss these activities after graduating, but he is excited to enter the workforce.

“I’m mostly excited to graduate and get a job at a good hospital near me so I can start to pay for my student loans and start my life as a registered nurse,” Link said.

Link said he is hopeful that the pandemic will be more controlled for his last semester.

“I am looking forward to reconnecting with my friends after the break,” he said, “Hopefully the COVID-19 pandemic is more under control so we can have more classes and clinicals in person.”

Dylan Scasserra ’21 is a finance major. He said he is excited to go into his last semester but will miss the friendships he’s made.

Dylan Scasserra, ’21.

“What I’m going to miss the most is my friends, [especially] getting to live together and spend so much time with each other,” Scasserra said.

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