Senior Spotlight: Angela Hendricks

For a quarter of the students at Scranton, the next few weeks will be their last as undergraduates.

As their time at Scranton slowly comes to an end, many of these students have begun to look back over their years and forward to what the next several weeks will hold.

Angela Hendricks is a middle-level education major with a concentration in English language arts.

Newton, Pa. native Angela Hendricks.

Hendricks hopes to become a teacher once she graduates and said her professors have had a big impact on her over the course of her education at Scranton.

“So many of [my professors] have really taken the time to get to know all of us as students, which has been helpful, and that [is] not something that happens at bigger schools,” Hendricks said.

For extracurriculars, Hendricks is a member education honor society Kappa Delta Pi and said she loves spending free time with her friends.

“I am going to miss living with my friends and seeing them every day [the most],” Hendricks said.

Apart from her time spent with friends, Hendricks attends events in and around Scranton, and some of those events she said she will remember forever.

“My [favorite] memory from my time at Scranton [is] the Italian Festival and all of the delicious food, especially the gnocchi,” Hendricks said.

Hendricks hopes to make more memories with friends and gain some career experience before graduating.

“I hope senior year brings more memories with my friends,” Hendricks said. “I am also looking forward to my student teaching and [putting] what I have learned … into practice.”

She hopes to start teaching and even go back to graduate school at some point. She said her favorite grades to teach are fifth and sixth.

“I will be going home after graduation and applying for jobs in the schools around me.” Hendricks said. “Eventually, I will go back to graduate school.”

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