Students Use Mobile Ordering App

During the fall 2020 semester, Transact’s Mobile Ordering application was introduced for the University community to use in the DeNaples Dining Center as a part of the Royals Safe Together plan. It allowed students, faculty and staff to order their food and avoid crowding.

The Royals Safe Together Plan aims to keep all present at Scranton safe through appropriate handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The app allows students to order meals from Chick-Fil-A, Zoca, Which Which, Grille Works and the Pizza and Pasta stations through their mobile phones.

The first floor of the DeNaples Center has been remodeled in order to accomodate COVID-19 safety precautions.

Newly added locations for the spring 2021 semester include Einstein Bros. Bagels and the Mulberry Food Court.

Students both on- and off-campus have been using mobile ordering: scheduling orders, checking order status in real-time and using the various pay options.

Sara Tavares, a junior marketing major, uses mobile ordering roughly three times a week.

Sara Tavares ’22.

Tavares said she often orders from Einstein Bros. Bagels for breakfast in between classes and enjoys how simple the mobile ordering is.

“I prefer mobile ordering since it’s quick, easy and always ready to go when you’re in a rush,” Tavares said. “Mobile ordering allows me to get my food more quickly and not wait in as many lines.”

Victor Lopez, a junior finance major, uses the app more frequently, ordering food one to two times a day.

Victor Lopez ’22.

Lopez said he enjoys how he knows when his food will be ready thanks to the app.

“If I am getting lunch after class, I will order it … I know it will be done around the time I finish class,” Lopez said.

Lopez’s favorite place to order food from is Chick-Fil-A. He said that even though he prefers the efficiency of mobile ordering, he still misses some aspects of the traditional food court ordering.

“I miss going to the different food spots on campus and getting to know the [staff] that’s working,” Lopez said.

Dante Malleo, a junior psychology major minoring in general business, also uses the mobile ordering app at least once a day.

Dante Malleo ’22.

Malleo said he appreciates the convenience of the app and the ability to skip all of the lines.

“Being able to look on the app to see what’s open before you even get there and placing an order is incredibly convenient,” Malleo said.

Malleo likes how he can pick up his food when he’s on the go.

“It is so nice to quickly order something off of the app and go pick it up on your way to class, or wherever you might be going,” Malleo said.

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