Men’s Lacrosse Alumni Game

Every year, the men’s lacrosse team hosts an Alumni Game. This year, the alumni were defeated by the current University of Scranton student team with a score of 22-1, but, as we all know, the score isn’t what truly matters. The game is beneficial to students and alumni because it brings them together. Sean Ebert ’17 said that “it was great to see the team play well after losing so many players from last year’s senior class. We want to see who’s ready and willing to fill out cleats.”

While it is great to see the students play, they not only gain tips on the field during the game but tips off of the field in life. Current students gain a lot of valuable information from these alumni about the real world and benefit from their advice on how to tackle it.

“It is important to come back to campus and play because Scranton is a school that has built its foundation on developing meaningful relationships and improving on the success of its traditions,” said Brad Elkin ’16. “Learning the traditions and building a strong alumni network will not only improve the status of the school, but it will also provide opportunities for current students.”

Connecting with alumni allows the players to not only show off their athletic abilities, but also connect and network with previous students for jobs and opportunities in the future.

“All alumni of the U of S, and especially the men’s lacrosse team, love coming back to the University and reliving the glory days,” said Elkin. “The good times, the long-lasting memories and the friendships will always bring us back to the place many Royals will forever call home.”

Club Fair

Need a great way to get involved? Luckily, The University of Scranton has an abundance of clubs and organizations that get you active within the community, help you meet new people and — an added benefit — looks good on your resumes!

Every semester, the University’s clubs come together for the fair to show off what they are all about. Each club sets up a table with a poster board and other information pamphlets to inform the fair attendees of what they are all about. There is an abundance of clubs and organizations that students can join to get involved.

First-year members of Autism Speaks Annaliese Roller and Sydney Vanvoutellis said that they enjoy being members of the club because they like to spread Autism awareness. They have sold hats and had a Chipotle fundraiser. Along with the fundraisers, they hold monthly meetings and host scavenger hunts, fall formals and trivia games.

Along with clubs like Autism Speaks, there are also club sports teams. Francesca Pinto, a member of the cheerleading team, said it is a great way to get closer to people. She specifically loves bringing spirit to the school and getting involved in the community. Junior Sarah Barquero is a member of women’s rugby. She said it was a great way to make new friends and immerse herself in the university community. It “taught me how to have relationships on and off the field,” she said. She has come to love the sport because it builds character.

No matter what your interests, there is a club for you to join. Check out the University’s website for more information!

Internship Deadline Advice

There comes a point in the year when students start to think about summer jobs and internships. Jason Schwass, the assistant director of student internships, offers valuable advice regarding deadlines:

  • Truthfully, it is never too early to start looking for a summer internship because deadlines do quickly approach. Summer internships can sometimes have deadlines as early as late fall.
  • A lot of times, the deadline to apply for internships can be different pertaining to each major.
  • Internships for finance and accounting will begin to close their applications as early as the second week of September, so it is important to get a jump start on those as soon as the school year starts or even as early as summer. Continue reading

Christmas on the Commons

This past Sunday, The University of Scranton hosted Christmas on Campus and USPB later hosted Christmas on the Commons. The night began with Advent Liturgy, which includes a candle lighting. Students then proceeded to the Christmas tree located on the Dionne Greene holding their candles. This year, Rev. Herbert B. Keller, S.J., interim president, initiated the tree lighting. Students, faculty and locals from Scranton come to celebrate this exciting moment.

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Club Spotlight: Business Club

The Business Club at Scranton is the largest club on campus with 210 members. The club’s mission statement is “to provide professional development activities for University of Scranton students, to promote communication and networking among students, faculty members, and alumni, and to educate the University community on business topics.”

Throughout each semester, the club hosts numerous events that members can attend. This year, the club held an internship panel for upperclassmen in which employees from numerous companies discussed what their jobs are like and what students can do to obtain a job in the future.

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Mindfulness Training: Stress Reduction Workshop

On Nov. 10, The University of Scranton held numerous events in support of our veterans. To conclude the day’s events, Phil Sallavanti held a stress reduction workshop that teaches people how to approach their stresses and the negative aspects of life.

When we are faced with obstacles, we need to learn to approach them from a positive angle, he said.

In other advice:

It’s important to think about how we can solve our issues with kindness rather than with hatred.

If we take too much time dwelling on the negative things in life, it is going to cause us stress and anxiety, but if we start to take time out of our day to notice the positive things in life and spend more time appreciating the good then we will live better lives.

Appreciating the scenery around you or spending more time thinking about the kind things others do for you, you will live a better life and stressful things won’t play as big of a role.

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