USPB Comedy Event: Priyanka Wali

On Wednesday, April 1o, USPB presented doctor and breakout comedian Priyanka Wali. This was USPB’s last comedy event of the school year.

Wali, from San Francisco, has been featured on The Today Show, Cosmopolitan and Healthline, among others. She was also named by Refinery29 as one of the “50 Female Stand-Up Comedians You Need to Know.” And if that’s not enough, she’s also the only American Indian female comedian who practices Internal Medicine.

After her show on Wednesday, however, she makes a strong case that laughter may very well be the best medicine.

“This performance was definitely a highlight of my week. I had so many exams and papers, but it was refreshing to laugh nonstop for an hour,” Maveli Espitia ’20 said.

Her stand-up focuses on life as a woman, an Indian-American, the child of immigrant parents, and a scientist in America.

To find out more about the USPB events going on for the rest of the semester, click here.

Roommates by Chance, Best Friends by Choice

Emily Errickson and Katherine Manna probably didn’t think that The University of Scranton Class of 2019 Facebook page would give a lifelong friendship bond.

But it did.

“I messaged Katherine and said ‘We should be roommates, or just friends, depending on if you definitely come to Scranton or not’ and we were in contact back in forth for a while until we both decided to come to Scranton. Then we decided to be roommates! We even ended up going to the same orientation session, where we could finally meet. And the rest is history!” Errickson said.

Of course, being friends and living together does not always work in everyone’s favor, but Errickson and Manna seem to have perfected that delicate balance.

“It was never even an option not to live together…we built our friendship on living with each other,” Manna said.

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News Reporting Class Takes City Council

On Monday, April 8, Dr. Kim Pavlick’s Comm 324 News Reporting class attended a Scranton City Council meeting. They learned how to spot and tell stories that are important for the everyday taxpayer.

Eight journalism students were tasked with not only attending the meeting but taking on the role of a journalist in the field and reporting in real time. This assignment was to teach that journalism is more than just telling stories but, rather, telling relevant stories to the audience and being a community “watchdog.”

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#USGrad19: Laura Freedman

Laura is a journalism and electronic media major minoring in business analytics and French. She is from North Jersey. We caught up with this senior to hear about her time at Scranton.

What is your favorite Scranton memory?

It’s cool to look back and see how much I’ve grown since my first year on campus. I’ve become so much more confident, and I credit that to all the opportunities Scranton has offered me over the years.

What did you enjoy about the communication program?

The people in the department are the best. Everyone, from the faculty members to the students, are so supportive. It’s crazy to think that a lot of the people I can’t imagine not having in my life are people I’ve only known for one to three years.

What is a piece of advice you would give to your first-year self?

Everything will work itself out, so try not to worry so much.

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Nicole Young ’00 Speaks to Students

Emmy-Award winning “60 Minutes” producer and Scranton Communications Department alumna Nicole Young, visited the University on April 2, where she spoke at a community breakfast and held a Q&A with students.

“If I were to tell myself, my freshman year self in Scranton, I’d be doing what I’m doing now, I probably wouldn’t believe [it],” she said.

Nicole Young spoke about her journey from unpaid intern to assistant to senior producer of the “CBS Evening News,” urging students to not take “no” as an answer when it comes to their goals in life. After working several unpaid internships and getting an international master’s in journalism, she got her big break; an interview with Scott Pelley, whom she still works with today.

With Scott Pelley, she travels the world and focuses on the humanitarian side of journalism. She has covered everything from Hurricane Katrina to the poverty crisis in America to the hunger crisis in Yemen.

After the Q&A, students were treated to pizza and refreshments provided by the Communication Department.



Electric City Escape

Region 5 RAs Emma Graham, Maddie Walker, Kevin Duque, Erik Ridley, Kyle Hill, and Maaz Siddiqui recently held a program at Electric City Escape.

“Twenty-one students from various grade levels attended the fun (and free!) event focused on enhancing students’ interpersonal, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills,” said Emma Graham, ’20. “Attendees got to choose from three different escape rooms: The Doctor’s Study, The Final Act: Houdini Experience and Escape Coal Mine No. 109. While no one escaped in record-breaking time, everyone had a lot of fun”

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