Scranton Clubs Recruit with Online Activities Fair

Every fall, the University of Scranton holds an Activities Fair for students to explore the various clubs and club sports offered on campus.

This year, the activities fair was online to adhere to social distancing. Clubs and club sports registered for an hour time slot between 12-3 p.m. on Sept. 12, 2020. First-year students and upperclassmen that were interested in a certain club joined the Zoom meetings to talk with the club officers and get some general information.

Patricia Cummings, program coordinator for the Center for Student Engagement, helped organize the event. Cummings said the club fair was very successful with over 400 students in attendance.

“At our typical outdoor club fair…we might have closer to 500 [students],” Cummings said. “Four hundred [students] is a success for us, especially given the online nature of the event.”

Students attending the fair were eligible to receive prizes such as a $50 Amazon gift card and even some Scranton apparel. Clubs were also eligible to win prizes, too. Cummings said she received positive feedback from students and club leaders.

“Students were very excited about [the] prizes,” Cummings said. “Club leaders had great [one-on-one] conversations with students.”

In past years, students would walk past club tables and sign their names and not have a conversation with the club leaders. This year, students tended to stay in the Zoom meetings and talk directly to club officers.

Rachel Smith, a senior biology major with a concentration in nutrition, is president of the Biology Club on campus. Continue reading

August 31

Students Get Involved on Campus at Annual Fall Club Fair

By: Megan Castaldi

fairThe Dionne Green was lined with tables Aug. 26 for Scranton’s annual Fall Club Fair.

With over 80 clubs and organizations on campus, it is easy to find something that interests you.

“It was exciting to hear from people who loved what they’re doing on campus so much that they wanted to spread that passion to others,” said Amy Kaiser, a first-year student.

There was nothing but high energy and enthusiasm from leadership and members of clubs as you walked down the green. This, along with the music being played by the students at the Praise and Worship table, created an exciting environment.  Some tables were even giving away items that represented their clubs.

“This campus also gives away a lot of free stuff. It’s awesome!” Kaiser exclaimed.

The University of Scranton has clubs ranging from the Urban Beats dance crew to the Pre-Law Society to Photography! If there is something you are passionate about, there is most likely a club for you here. The wide variety of assorted clubs and organizations makes getting involved, both on and off campus, easy for students.

There is even Scranton RAKS: Random Acts of Kindness club!

“We do service projects on campus and in the community and just try to promote general happiness and make people feel good,” said Emily Carr, a sophomore.

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