Cones with Cops

Students beat the over 90-degree heat on Wednesday by enjoying Manning’s ice cream provided by the University of Scranton Police Department.

“You can never go wrong with free ice cream, but this event is also a good opportunity to get to know police officers on campus,” student officer lieutenant Kyle Kolcharno, ’20, said.

Officers, along with giving out ice cream, also gave helpful advice and information about personal safety, theft prevention, risk reduction and UPD programming.

“We want the community to interact with police officers and to participate in the programs,” Erica Armstrong, Operations Coordinator of the University Police, said.

Gaining familiarity with the police department is an essential way to guarantee a not only fun but safe school year ahead.


Sept. 27: Reflection from Family Weekend, Plus Theatre Review and Campus Safety Tips

The University Players Present: ‘The Glass Menagerie’

By: Jessica D’Aquila

The University of Scranton Players’ performance of Tennessee Williams’ classic, “The Glass Menagerie,” had a successful opening this past Friday with performances continuing through Saturday and Sunday of Family Weekend. Set in 1937 St. Louis,”The Glass Menagerie” tells the story of the Wingfield family through brother Tom’s memories of his mother Amanda, a Southern belle whose husband’s disappearance has left the family in a fragile state, and his sister Laura in their pursuits to find her a gentleman caller to finally appease their mother’s wishes. The University Players’ performance featured Conor Hurley ’18 as Tom Wingfield, Ali Basalyga ’19 as Amanda Wingfield, Victoria Pennington ’19 as Laura Wingfield, and Nick Gangone ’19 as Jim O’Connor, the gentleman caller. The cast and crew produced a captivating performance with mystical lights and sound, raw and emotional scenes, and an overall mesmerizing and poignant story.

Natalie Gray ‘20, the production stage manager, reflected on the rehearsal process. “The cast and crew would meet five days a week for several hours at a time to rehearse,” she said. “It is because of this hard work and dedication that the show was able to become a success.”

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