Scranton Clubs Recruit with Online Activities Fair

Every fall, the University of Scranton holds an Activities Fair for students to explore the various clubs and club sports offered on campus.

This year, the activities fair was online to adhere to social distancing. Clubs and club sports registered for an hour time slot between 12-3 p.m. on Sept. 12, 2020. First-year students and upperclassmen that were interested in a certain club joined the Zoom meetings to talk with the club officers and get some general information.

Patricia Cummings, program coordinator for the Center for Student Engagement, helped organize the event. Cummings said the club fair was very successful with over 400 students in attendance.

“At our typical outdoor club fair…we might have closer to 500 [students],” Cummings said. “Four hundred [students] is a success for us, especially given the online nature of the event.”

Students attending the fair were eligible to receive prizes such as a $50 Amazon gift card and even some Scranton apparel. Clubs were also eligible to win prizes, too. Cummings said she received positive feedback from students and club leaders.

“Students were very excited about [the] prizes,” Cummings said. “Club leaders had great [one-on-one] conversations with students.”

In past years, students would walk past club tables and sign their names and not have a conversation with the club leaders. This year, students tended to stay in the Zoom meetings and talk directly to club officers.

Rachel Smith, a senior biology major with a concentration in nutrition, is president of the Biology Club on campus. Continue reading

Winter Club and Activities Fair

The winter club and activities fair took place Friday, Feb. 1, in the DeNaples Ballroom.  The Ballroom was packed with club tables, students and even a fry bar!  The club fair is a great way for new students to learn about the different activities the school has to offer.  Returning students also attend and often find clubs that they hadn’t previously known about.  New clubs are made every semester, so the fair is a good way to find out new ways to get involved on campus.  If you missed the club fair, you can find information about all of the University’s clubs on RoyalSync!


Club Spotlight: Literature Club

We caught up with Kody Fitzgerald (pictured here, center, with other officers), Literature Club president, to find out all about the Literature Club.

What is the goal of the literature club? 

Our club exists to foster the love of all things literature! Whether someone has a passion for writing, reading or grammar, we hope to further those passions. And, for those people who may just be curious about the literary arts, we hope to provide a community from which they can learn.

What kinds of books will you be reading? 

Our club will choose, read and discuss a new book each semester. This semester, our members voted to read a classic in Japanese literature: No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai. It happens to be one of my favorite books, so I’m excited to discuss it with my club members!

Why is it important for Scranton to have this club?

Scranton’s club communities don’t exist just so our school can say, “We have this many clubs.” I believe our communities exist to stimulate discussions, whether those discussions explore cultures, politics or any of the other subjects Scranton clubs have been founded on. Before this year, Scranton’s club communities lacked a club focused on literary discussion, so this club provides an important outlet for that discussion. Without a club like the Literature Club, Scranton students would not have an accessible outlet for this kind of discussion anywhere else on campus. Continue reading

Club Spotlight: Art Club

By Kristen Gensinger

For many, art is a great stress release, as well as a creative outlet. Scranton’s Art Club gives students a chance to express themselves through art while in a fun, social setting.

Shandon Black, Art Club president, sums up the club’s mission, “Our club was formed to provide a platform of support for growing artists and to create an environment for all artists and students to vent, relax and express themselves while keeping their minds exercised.”

Students come together to use their abilities to create something beautiful. Pictured here is a collaborative mural, made by officers of the club and participants of the Commuter Student Association (CSA) Carnival, on campus. The officers created the outline and participants filled it in with color.

No artistic experience is needed to join Art Club. It is open to any students interested in art, and members enjoy the break the club gives to their academic lives.

“It allows students to release from schoolwork, relax, meet new people, learn new skills and challenge the mind in critical/creative thinking,” Black said.

Club meetings vary depending on events. For more information, visit Art Club’s Royal Sync page.


Fall Club Fair 2018

The Friday downpours didn’t stop the excitement for the Fall Club Fair this year. Although usually held on the Dionne Green, the fair had the Fourth Floor Denaples Ballroom buzzing with students excited to get involved on campus.

Although the ballroom was crowded, with clubs having to share tables just to fit inside, spirits were still high. Scranton students never mind sharing for a good cause!

As music from the Mamma Mia soundtrack filled the room, students signed up for clubs that resonated with their passions. Whether it was the Biology Club, Gaming Club, Scranton Players or Compassion for Animals Club, there was no shortage of diversity in what students had the option to join.

“We’re really excited for this year and for all of the new members. We wish the fair could have been on the Green, but we’re here to make the most of the situation and promote the clubs regardless,” Liz Kugler, secretary of Compassion for Animals Club, said.

Fair day may have been rainy, but with new and motivated members joining clubs on campus there will be many sunny days ahead.

Still not sure which club to choose? Browse them online at or find out more information here.

Commuter Student Guide

By Zoe Haggerty and Katelyn Moore
Commuter Day the Royal Way is coming up on this Friday, August 10th! Navigating college as a commuter can be different in some ways than doing so as a resident, but it is just as fun and exciting! We’re here to help you find the resources and opportunities to guarantee smooth sailing those first few weeks of the semester.
Commuter Day the Royal Way
Hosted by the Commuter Student Association, this fun day will begin with registration starting at 11 a.m. After that, prepare for tons of icebreakers, food, games and other activities that will help you meet other incoming commuter students! You will also have the opportunity to talk to upperclassmen commuters who can offer advice and answer any questions you may have! If you’d like to attend Commuter Day the Royal Way, you can RSVP and fill out the registration forms at these links below:
Commuter Student Association (CSA)
The Commuter Student Association is a student-run organization that works to make sure all commuter students are able to participate in and feel connected to the campus community! In addition to the many resources that the organization provides, CSA also hosts several events throughout the semester that include frequent Coffee Hours and even a Murder Mystery Dinner!
The Office of Off Campus and Commuter Student Life (OCCSL)
Feeling a little overwhelmed with having to prepare for the new semester? The Office of Off Campus and Commuter Student Life, located in The DeNaples Center Forum room 205T, provides tons of information for students who will be commuting or living in off-campus residences. If you have any questions regarding meal plans, parking passes or other aspects of off-campus living, OCCSL has plenty of resources for you!
Student Government Commuter Senators
Interested in voicing your opinion and those of your constituents? The University of Scranton Student Government includes two elected senate positions for commuter students. Whether you run for the position or simply get to know your commuter senators, Student Government is a great resource for commuter student representation.
Commuter Lockers
Concerned about lugging books and other items around campus? Don’t be! The University of Scranton offers free individual lockers for commuter students. Stationed on the first floor of the DeNaples Center, the lockers are conveniently located in the hub of campus. Have some time between classes? Drop your books off at your locker, then grab a coffee or pastry at Starbucks and unwind on the couches available in the DeNaples Forum!
Severe Weather Hotline
Living in Northeast Pennsylvania during the winter months means enjoying some snowy days! The Severe Weather Hotline (941-5999) is available for information regarding delays, cancellations, and compressed class schedules. A University of Scranton Text Alert will also be sent out to students regarding any change in class schedules due to inclement weather. Be sure to sign up to keep updated on any weather related changes to your class schedule!
Be sure to check out the links below for more information about the various resources available to University of Scranton commuters. And whether you’re planning to commute or live in one of our residence halls, we’d love to invite you for an information session and tour of our campus! Click the link below to schedule your visit!