La Festa Italiana

By Lauren Earnshaw

Labor Day weekend is many Scranton students’ favorite weekend of the year because of La Festa Italiana.

Students walk down past Leahy and Hyland to go somewhere other than Dunkin’ — all the way to the square lined with tents.

These tents are filled with Italian food as far as the eye can see, as well as other types of food.

We talked with some students at La Festa to hear their opinions of the festival.

“I love that it’s a great last hurrah of summer/beginning of the new school year, and I love trying a different flavored cannoli each year!” Devin Limper ‘20 said.

Cannolis are definitely a hot ticket item for those at La Festa, but there are endless possibilities to eat before you get to dessert.

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October 12

One Junior’s Incredible Tour of #OurScranton

By: Kayla Johnson

downtownThough it was the first week of October, the sun still warmed Scranton. Blue skies and picture-perfect clouds were above. It was the ideal weather for my tour of downtown Scranton. From Northern Lights and Adezzo to Bar Pazzo and the Daisy Collective, I had my fair share of discovering to do. There were countless restaurants and shops I hadn’t even known existed, even though I’ve begun my third year at Scranton. There’s just so much to do on campus, I just never found myself walking past Osaka, a Japanese restaurant, or Northern Lights, an adorable coffee shop, when it came to exploring downtown.

“My favorite thing about living and working in downtown Scranton is the consistent growth and development that is happening all the time,” said Jessica Durkin, Community and Government Relations & SBDC assistant (as well as a resident of downtown Scranton). “We have all of the conveniences of a big city: shops, restaurants, coffeehouses, etc., with the familiarity that comes with living in a close-knit community. New businesses have been frequently appearing all over the city, something that I am very excited to see continue.”

There were a variety of shops and restaurants that I wasn’t even aware of. Bar Pazzo is a definite stop on my next visit; they have an entire gelato bar and some tasty pizza (and flavors dedicated to the fall season, which are some my favorites). The Daisy Collective, a women’s clothing shop, is new to town and has a cozy interior with chic, modern decorations. There are so many stops and places where students can sit back and relax or do some studying with friends. Adezzo, a coffee shop, offers the perfect combination of ambience and strong coffee (to power through an extra exhausting study session).

Downtown Scranton was full of surprises (the great kind!), and it made me wish I had taken the journey two years ago. So, set aside a date and take walk around downtown! You won’t regret it.

Check out my downtown tour on Snapchat here.

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August 31

Students Get Involved on Campus at Annual Fall Club Fair

By: Megan Castaldi

fairThe Dionne Green was lined with tables Aug. 26 for Scranton’s annual Fall Club Fair.

With over 80 clubs and organizations on campus, it is easy to find something that interests you.

“It was exciting to hear from people who loved what they’re doing on campus so much that they wanted to spread that passion to others,” said Amy Kaiser, a first-year student.

There was nothing but high energy and enthusiasm from leadership and members of clubs as you walked down the green. This, along with the music being played by the students at the Praise and Worship table, created an exciting environment.  Some tables were even giving away items that represented their clubs.

“This campus also gives away a lot of free stuff. It’s awesome!” Kaiser exclaimed.

The University of Scranton has clubs ranging from the Urban Beats dance crew to the Pre-Law Society to Photography! If there is something you are passionate about, there is most likely a club for you here. The wide variety of assorted clubs and organizations makes getting involved, both on and off campus, easy for students.

There is even Scranton RAKS: Random Acts of Kindness club!

“We do service projects on campus and in the community and just try to promote general happiness and make people feel good,” said Emily Carr, a sophomore.

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