What Does Dead Week Look Like This Semester?

The end of the semester is quickly approaching for students at The University of Scranton.

Dead Week is the week before final exams and is intended to give students time to study and prepare for all of their tests and projects due at the end of the semester. This year, Dead Week looks a little bit different. The Loyola Science Center (LSC) hallways and study rooms, which would typically be full of students getting work done, were quiet.

Caroline Fitzgerald, ’24, sits in the Loyola Science Center to study.

However, Caroline Fitzgerald, a first-year nursing major, has been spending more time studying in quiet LSC. She said her Dead Week is mostly preparing for finals week with the exception of a few assignments.

“Personally, I’m just kind of prepping for next week . . . so I can focus on studying,” Fitzgerald said, “I do have a couple of papers to write, but it’s really nothing too bad.”

To help destress during the final two weeks, Fitzgerald plans on getting as much sleep as possible and try to keep all of her work organized.

“I’m going to try to get as much sleep as I can this week because I know I’m not going to be able to next week,” Fitzgerald said. “I think for me, stress management is more about planning things out and writing things down.”

The University closes for the semester on Nov. 26. Fitzgerald said she is sad to be leaving her friends but excited to see her family.

“I’ve been with my friends for [a few] months now,” Fitzgerald said, “But I think being home with my family and dog [will] be nice, too.”

As the semester wraps up, Fitzgerald said she’s ready for some downtime with no school work.

“[I’ve] been doing work every day since August,” Fitzgerald said, “So, I’m ready for a break, academically.”

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