Senior Spotlight: Emily Bernard

Midland Park, Nj. native Emily Bernard

As Commencement grows nearer and nearer, soon-to-be graduates are looking back at their years as Royals at The University of Scranton.

Emily Bernard is a history major minoring in English and theatre.

“It’s been a fun year with a lot of work, [but] I am lucky to have shared laughs and stories with friends and professors,” Bernard said.

If given the chance, Bernard would go back in time and tell her first-year self not to stress and that the work will all get done.

Bernard said this piece of advice is especially relevant considering how big of a year it has been for her composition.

“I received the Gail and Francis Slattery Center for the Humanities Fellowship which has enabled me to write my first full-length play,” Bernard said, “A short screenplay I wrote will also be published in the Spring 2021 Esprit Literary Magazine.” Continue reading

Senior Spotlight: Keny Melgar

For a quarter of the students at Scranton, the next few weeks will be their last as undergraduates.

As their time at Scranton slowly comes to an end, many of these students have begun to look back over their years and forward to what the next several weeks will hold.

Keny Melgar is a computer science major with a concentration in data science.

After graduation, Melgar hopes to further his career with his current internship at Production Systems Automation Inc. and said he wants to further his education as well.

Simpson, Pa. native Keny Melgar.

“I plan on getting my master’s degree in software engineering here at Scranton,” Melgar said.

He looks forward to graduate school but said he is going to miss those who won’t be here in the fall.

“Everyone that I have met here on campus has impacted me in some way, and I will miss those who are leaving,” Melgar said.

He said he also developed great relationships with his professors that allowed him to learn and grow these past four years.

“Everyone wants the best for you and sometimes that means pushing you to be better, [which] can be hard to accept sometimes,” Melgar said. “Reflecting on those moments really opens my eyes to how much I’ve grown.”

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Senior Spotlight: Angela Hendricks

For a quarter of the students at Scranton, the next few weeks will be their last as undergraduates.

As their time at Scranton slowly comes to an end, many of these students have begun to look back over their years and forward to what the next several weeks will hold.

Angela Hendricks is a middle-level education major with a concentration in English language arts.

Newton, Pa. native Angela Hendricks.

Hendricks hopes to become a teacher once she graduates and said her professors have had a big impact on her over the course of her education at Scranton.

“So many of [my professors] have really taken the time to get to know all of us as students, which has been helpful, and that [is] not something that happens at bigger schools,” Hendricks said.

For extracurriculars, Hendricks is a member education honor society Kappa Delta Pi and said she loves spending free time with her friends. Continue reading

Seniors Prepare for Their Final Semester

For about a quarter of University of Scranton undergrads, next spring is the last semester they will spend at this school. Seniors are expecting new emotions, opportunities and growth.

Jonna LoPresti ’21 is a strategic communications and social media strategies double major with a concentration in public relations. LoPresti said she is curious to see how her last semester at Scranton will go.

Jonna LoPresti, ’21.

“[The pandemic] has changed so many aspects of college life, and the future is so uncertain,” LoPresti said.

Even through all of the uncertainty, LoPresti said she is still looking forward to the time she has left.

“I [want to] soak up every moment because I know this is a time that I will never get back,” LoPresti said.

LoPresti’s spring semester has a lighter course load than her past semesters. She is also interning with the University’s provost, Dr. Gingerich. LoPresti said she is excited to see how she applies her education to her internship.

“It will be exciting to see the progress that I have made in my studies the past three-and-a-half years and [how] I apply it,” LoPresti said.

LoPresti said she is going to miss many aspects of Scranton after graduation.

“I am truly going to miss the people at Scranton,” LoPresti said, “I see people on campus at random and end up having amazing conversations with them, and the workers in Mulberry POD always have a smile on their face and take the time to talk to me while I wait for my [food]. Those kinds of moments always make my day.”

She said she values the knowledge she’s gained from her professors.

“I am grateful for the education, along with the pieces of life advice, that I have received from my professors in the Communication and Media Department,” she said.

LoPresti will start applying to jobs next semester, and she said she is excited to enter the real world.

“I love college, but I cannot wait to truly be an adult and experience the work environment. I know that I’m ready to grow up,” she said.

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March 16

The St. Patrick’s Day festivities kicked off on Saturday in downtown Scranton (read more about it below!), but we can look forward to another celebration, mashed potato-style, on Thursday in DeNaples.

On a more serious note, this past week, students attended the second spring job fair, but before they did we gathered some great tips for next time you’re called in for an interview. Read on below for all this and a graduating senior’s experience at the U, as well as a preview about what some of our students will be doing over spring break!

We’re on hiatus next week for break – have a good one and be sure to check back with us to get more coverage on spring break on March 30. In the meantime, check out our Flickr collectionfrom the semester so far.

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February 24

From challenging themselves to have a more healthy and fit lifestyle to participating in new experiences as leaders, students, faculty and staff all came together to better themselves this week on campus. Read on to learn more about Ignite, the leadership conference, and the campus-wide fitness challenge. Below, you can also get advice from a graduating senior and learn how our campus is celebrating Black History month.  Continue reading