La Festa Italiana

By Lauren Earnshaw

Labor Day weekend is many Scranton students’ favorite weekend of the year because of La Festa Italiana.

Students walk down past Leahy and Hyland to go somewhere other than Dunkin’ — all the way to the square lined with tents.

These tents are filled with Italian food as far as the eye can see, as well as other types of food.

We talked with some students at La Festa to hear their opinions of the festival.

“I love that it’s a great last hurrah of summer/beginning of the new school year, and I love trying a different flavored cannoli each year!” Devin Limper ‘20 said.

Cannolis are definitely a hot ticket item for those at La Festa, but there are endless possibilities to eat before you get to dessert.

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‘Fugetabout’ the Rain: La Festa 2018

Not even a possibility of rain could keep La Festa goers and vendors from attending the yearly Labor Day weekend festivities. After all, a specialty cannoli eaten under the glow of the Scranton sign is definitely worth some puddle jumping.

However, there must have been some luck-of-the-Italians, because the rained stayed away except for a couple on-and-off showers on Monday.

Truly, no forecast is a match for the overwhelming power of good friends, good food and, of course, exceptional old-school Italian music played on an accordion.

“I never miss a chance to go to La Festa. Even when it looked like it was going to rain, I knew I’d risk getting poured on to get some fresh lemonade and New York style pizza with my friends,” Kaleigh Valeski ’20, said, with lemonade and pizza in hand.

Each year, around 70 vendors head to the square to express Italian heritage through the selling of foods, crafts and everything in between. For four days, they work over 12-hour shifts to satisfy the crowds who flock to the festival.

The Italian Festival is a tried and true Scrantonian right of passage — the event has been held for the past 43 years. If you’re a local to the area, there’s a good chance that your grandparents took your parents, that your parents took you, and that you’ll inevitably keep the tradition going. (I mean, who wants to miss out on this four-day food party?)

Although much has changed in the years since it began, one thing always remains the same; there is no better end-of-summer celebration than a memorable weekend at La Festa Italiana, rain or shine.






Sept: 13: Upcoming Athletics Season, Plus La Festa

La Festa

By: Kassie Dunn

As Labor Day weekend approached, students at The University of Scranton couldn’t be more thrilled, not only for the three-day weekend ahead, but also for the beloved La Festa Italiana! This festival is held in downtown Scranton and takes place Friday through Monday of Labor Day weekend. The people of Scranton are all smiling and gawking at the abundance of amazing food all around the square. There are so many options– it’s almost hard for someone not to get overwhelmed. Continue reading