March 1

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Ready for the Future: The Nursing Professional Development Conference

By: Kayla Johnson
Last Tuesday, The Career Center and Nursing Department collaborated together to bring the Nursing Professional Development Conference to the 72 seniors that are a part of the major. The conference was held in the Kane Forum of Leahy hall and was packed with current students, visiting alumni, and professional guest speakers. The all-day event covered what to do to enter the professional world after the seniors graduated, ranging from dining etiquette and dressing to impress to crafting your own personal brand to transition to profession. Guest speakers included recently graduated University of Scranton alumni as well as staff and professionals, including: Chris Whitney, Frank Gilmartin, Robert Shutt, Melissa Starace, Ed.D., and Catherine Lovecchio, Ph.D., RN. The event helped instruct the nursing students on how to conduct themselves during special dining events, what to wear when in a professional atmosphere, how to make the change into the professional world, and how to utilize the job search resources and much more.

“The Nursing Professional Development Conference was a great opportunity to interact with alumni and receive advice on how to best prepare for the NCLEX as well as tips on what to expect during job interviews,” said Mariah Wedul, a senior nursing major.

“Being back on the Scranton campus honestly rekindled my drive to bring the Jesuit values to my postgraduate life,” said Tricia Leavy ’16, a staff nurse at NYU Langone Medical Center, said of returning to The University of Scranton “The energy and love that spreads throughout campus even on the coldest days made me really miss Scranton. It was nice to come back to Scranton and know I’m still a part of Scranton’s story and Scranton is still a part of mine.”

Safe to say, the conference was a success, showing the senior nursing majors what the professional world has to offer and how to be properly prepared for it. The event is an important tool for the students to use in getting ready for the NCLEX and moving into their professional lives.

For more information about the Career Center, check out their page.

Check out photos from the event on our Flickr.

We Are The (Landmark Conference) Champions

By: Kayla Johnson

This past weekend, both the men and women’s basketball teams made history again: they became Landmark Conference Champions! After the championship games, I got in touch with the senior players from the teams, John Vitkus (pictured, left), Sarah Payonk (pictured, right) and Alexix Roman (pictured, bottom), and asked them about their time on the team and what it’s like to be Landmark champions:

RN: How does it feel to be Landmark Conference Champions?

JV: It’s amazing as a senior to capture a conference championship. That’s the goal for every senior going into their last season, your entire focus is getting to that championship game and bringing it home.

SP: It’s such an amazing feeling to end our conference play with a conference title.  I’m so grateful to my teammates for sending us out with a championship and am looking forward to what NCAAs holds for us.

AR: It feels great to be back-to-back Landmark champions. It ends senior year on a high note and we’re not done yet. We had a rocky road here but we made it.

RN: What is your favorite part about being on the team?

JV: My favorite part about being on the team is getting the opportunity to play at the college level. I have been fortunate enough to play with some great players and great friends through my four years.

SP: My favorite part about basketball is my teammates.  They make the season so fun, and I couldn’t be where I am without them.  Something that is unique about our team is that we are more than just teammates.  My teammates are also my 15 best friends which makes the wins and the memories so much more meaningful to me.

AR: My favorite part about the team is they are all my best friends. They are who I hangout with when we are not in season. I have made lifelong friends and lifelong memories that I will always cherish.

RN: What can you take away from having been on the basketball team?

JV: What I can take away from having been on the basketball team is that you’re going to have to work hard for the things you really want in life. A lot of people want those same things and it comes down to who really wants it more and who is going to make the extra effort and go out there and take it.

SP: There is a lot that I’ve learned from basketball over the years, and I can’t believe my career is coming to an end soon.  There are so many qualities that basketball has given me that I will take with me for the rest of my life.  It taught me how to be a good leader and how to work within a team.  So many things within the sport itself, from communication to hard work, are applicable in all aspects of life.  Being a student-athlete has also helped me become more organized and manage my time better.

AR: I take away family, tradition and the honor of being able to play at Scranton. It is a great school with a great reputation in basketball. We are always a high-caliber program with great players. I am lucky I got to play with such players and be coached by amazing coaches.

RN: Looking back, as a senior, what is your favorite memory from being on the team? Is it any different than when you first joined?

JV: My favorite memory from being on the team is all the conference championships we have won through the four years. Looking back on those games and the guys we won with is something I will always remember.

SP: It’s hard to pick one memory because there are so many great moments each season.  Obviously winning the Landmark Conference in 2014, 2016 and 2017 were great memories from my career.  The trips we went on to Daytona, Puerto Rico, and Las Vegas were also so fun and filled with so many memories.  I think the common thread in the many great moments of the season is the people, my teammates, which are what make it exciting.  It’s different than when I first joined because each year new memories are made that are just as great as the old ones.

AR: The team is different from when I joined. We had seven in my class now there’s just three of us. My favorite memories have been by far these past two seasons. We have won the Landmark and advanced to NCAAs. It’s such an amazing feeling when you play in the NCAAs in front of so many people.

Royals Welcome Lent

By: Kelly Lappin

The season of Lent has arrived again but not without the infamous on-campus “Fat Tuesday.” Students milled about on second floor DeNaples and enjoyed tasting a chocolate fountain with many treats. In the midst of this chocolate-overload, students shared what they were giving up for Lent and why they chose such things.

Dan O’Reilly- Junior

            “I’m giving up social media. I want to focus on what’s important in my life-faith and my priorities.”

Molly Smith- Senior

            “Instead of giving up something, I am writing three good things that happen each day. Then every Sunday I am going to reflect on what happened each week.”

Emily Calderone- Junior

            “I want to work out more instead of giving up something.”

Rebecca Wagner- Junior

            “I want to give up juice. Lent is about challenging yourself and going without something you have. You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. You need to appreciate all that you have.”

Stephanie Latorre- Senior

            “I’m not giving up anything for Lent, instead I want to focus on going to the gym more.”

Tim Quigley- Freshmen

            “I eat a lot of candy so for Lent I want to try to cut back on how much I have.”

Looks like many of the Royals are ready to get healthy and improve themselves physically and spiritually! Read more about what’s happening around Lent on campus:

February 10

Welcome back, students! We’re excited to see that campus is up and running again with fun events and activities to kick off the spring semester. Seniors, it’s your last semester here at The U, so start using #USGRAD16 for all things related to senior year!
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Royal Days
By: Michele Schulmeister

royalOn Monday, more than 150 accepted high school seniors were able to live a day in the life of a Royal at the first of this spring’s Royal Days sessions!  Students were able to attend a class, enjoy a meal at DeNaples and meet with students and faculty to hear about what makes the U so great!

Jane Hagemann from Staten Island, New York enjoyed her visit, “I really liked going to an introductory nursing class. Everyone on campus is really inviting and cares a lot about the school,” she said.

After lunch, students attended different breakout sessions. These sessions gave them more information about important aspects of the University, such as: the arts, faith and service, athletics, campus involvement and honors/research programs.

More Royal Days are coming up on February 15 and 22. Registration is full, but there are still plenty of opportunities to see campus. Schedule a campus visit or save the date for our Accepted Students Preview Day on April 2. Learn more here!

Lenten Season
By: Jessica Perillo

The Lenten Season is officially here at the University of Scranton!

As a pre-Lenten celebration, students, faculty and staff gathered in the DeNaples Center to enjoy the Fat Tuesday chocolate fountain.

For the first year ever, Campus Ministries has coordinated a donation drive called “40 Bags in 40 Days,” which will benefit the local community. To begin the season of Lent, the 40 days before Easter, our community will gather in the DeNaples Center Ballroom to celebrate Ash Wednesday Masses. Mass times are as follows and are open to the public: 12:05 pm, 4:40 pm and 8:00 pm.

For the full story, click here.

Super Bowl 50 Watch Party

By: Jessica Perillo

Students gathered for some Super Bowl fun on Sunday.

The University of Scranton Programming Board (USPB) hosted a Super Bowl 50 Watch Party in the Moskovitz Theater on Sunday night.

Students watched the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers battle it out as they enjoyed their favorite tailgate foods, such as mozzarella sticks and wings. USPB also raffled off an NFL team blanket and a football.

Winter Club Fair 2016

By: Michele Schulmeister

The DeNaples Ballroom was filled with students this past Friday for the Winter Club Fair. Anyone who was interested in getting involved was able to see what the University has to offer for the spring semester!

One of the best things about the University of Scranton is there’s no shortage of clubs, organizations and activities. From the Royal Television Network to Colleges Against Cancer, students are able to participate in anything that they are passionate about. There is a wide variety of clubs, from academic to special interest to many other types in between!

“Because I was abroad last semester, I wasn’t able to join any clubs on campus. I really enjoyed the Winter Club Fair because I was able to see almost everything that I could get involved with all over campus,” said Bridget O’Connor, a junior at the University.

If you missed out on the club fair, make sure to check out the list of clubs we have here!

90’s Night
By: Michele Schulmeister

Students had the opportunity to travel back in time this past weekend! Last Friday, USPB hosted their first event of the semester, 90’s Night, in the Byron Center.

The night consisted of some throwback snacks, trivia, games and even a roller skating rink!

“90’s Night was a great way to kick off the semester! We had about 250 students come and enjoy the event,” said Jenna Bruchalski, member of USPB’s Senior Programming Committee. “One of my favorite things by far was the dunkaroo dip!”

If you missed out on this event, don’t worry! USPB has tons of things planned for this spring. Check out this list of their upcoming events here!