Senior Spotlight: Ashley Fischetti

With graduation only a few short weeks away, many Scranton seniors are reflecting on their four years at Scranton.

Dunmore, Pa. native Ashley Fischetti.

Ashley Fischetti is an occupational therapy major at the University.

Her senior year has been filled with lots of friends and, recently, lounging in the sun on campus.

“I’ve made so many memories with different people across different places on campus,” Fischetti said.

Out of all the places on campus, her favorite spot to relax?

“I love hammocking behind Alumni Memorial Hall.”

Fischetti hammocking with her friends behind Alumni Memorial Hall. First picture from left: Emily Kmak, Lindsay Abbott and Ashley Fischetti. Second picture from left: Clare Long, Sam McElroy, Fiona Dunn and Ashley Fischetti.

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February 1

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Looking Ahead: Spring Semester

By: Kayla Johnson

A new semester means new beginnings, new chances and even new changes. Coming back to school for the spring semester may never appear to be more than reuniting with your friends and jumping back into classes but so much can change and happen within these coming three months — you can make new friends, learn more about yourself and about the University community. The University of Scranton means so much more than classes and grades (though that is a large part of it), it’s about the people on campus and what they do for the school. The semester ahead holds many exciting events, both on and off campus, sponsored by many different clubs and programs, some new and some old.

Some of my favorite events happen during the spring semester. I especially look forward to Springfest and the Ball Roll on the Commons, they always bring back good memories with great friends. The school is hosting a range of new art exhibits and galleries that I’m excited about. I’ve loved art ever since I was young. I take my chances to find it everywhere, so events like “Where Do Ideas Come From?” a sculpture exhibit by Lisa Fedon is extremely interesting to me. And, the school is even hosting a student exhibition for art pieces.  I also enjoy attending Liva Arts Company’s performances with my friends, this year the will be performing “Spring Awakening”.

And that’s just the beginning.

I know the semester ahead hold many fun, great times with my amazing friends and awesome classes with great professors.

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September 16

This week, we focus on arts and music in our community. Students have a wide variety of interests, talents and passions and here at Scranton they can choose to join in or simply enjoy performances from the sidelines (or from the audience as the case may be!) on campus. Whether you want to be on or off the stage, you can learn more about our art and music scene here.

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