Senior Spotlight: Annie McSherry

With commencement approaching, the reality is beginning to set in for some seniors. Their time as undergraduate students is coming to an end.

Annie McSherry is a nursing major gearing up for the professional sector post-graduation. She said she hopes to return to her home state of New York.

Camel, New York native Annie McSherry.

“After graduation, I would love to work in New York as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit,” McSherry said.

Though eager to start her nursing career, McSherry said she is going to miss Scranton.

“I’m really going to miss living with my best friends,” McSherry said. “I can’t imagine what I would have done without them the past four years, and it’s so sad to think about us all living in different states in a few months.”

Outside of the close-ties McSherry shares with her housemates, she is also a member of the cheerleading team and the Student Nursing Association. She said her favorite Scranton memory came from the cheer team’s finals appearance in the 2020 United Cheerleading Association’s College Nationals in Disney World.

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Two Nursing Students Create New Club

Nursing students Jordana Bove and Daniella Cangelosi started Kindness for Chemo this past fall.

Jordana Bove ’22

“We were inspired to start this club because we are both interested in working in pediatrics as future nurses,” Bove said. “We are both devoted to helping others and want to bring joy to pediatric oncology patients and put smiles on their faces during their journeys.”

Daniella Cangelosi ’22

The club had its first fundraiser last winter, a raffle with a prize basket full of items including Apple Airpods, a Hydro Flask and a sherpa jacket. The club raised a total of $1,137 from the raffle fundraiser, all of which was donated to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) Christmas Drive.

“We were so excited about how much we were able to raise and see how many toys we were able to donate to the children as a result,” Bove said.

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