Spotlight: Royal Studios

A spotlight on Royal Studios, the on-campus, student-run production company. We follow the crew as Royal Studios prepares to shoot a short documentary featuring members of the LGBTQ community about what National Coming Out Day (October 11) means to them. In this short “making of” video, we discover how the crew sets up a shoot while taking safety precautions due to COVID-19.

Student Spotlight: Daniel Piazza ’21

Daniel Piazza ’21 is a strategic communication major who has taken his love of film to the next level. His short film, Fever Dream, was shown at the Circle Drive-In on Friday, Oct. 11.

“I’ve always loved film for as long as I can remember,” Piazza said. “There’s something I admire about how a film can use every visual and auditory detail to make you feel a certain way. No matter the genre, it always puts me on the edge of my seat in a way no other artistic medium can.”

Fever Dream originally started out as a class project for Advanced Television Production (COMM 322). Piazza had the idea of a supernatural phone, and the story only grew from there. “The synopsis would be — a man finds an antique phone, but gets more than he bargained for when he discovers its true nature,” Piazza said. The film was influenced by the works of Dario Argento, John Carpenter, and the original Twilight Zone series. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of Royal Studios

Everyone loves to unwind after a busy day with a good show or a movie.  Do you ever wonder how they get made?  Scranton’s own Royal Studios gives students a chance to learn about the film industry and gain hands-on experience working with state-of-the-art recording equipment and editing software.

Royal Studios is a student-run production group that puts together their own content from start to finish.  The process starts with creating and developing an idea, and then a script is written.  This often happens in a writers room, where a group gets together to collectively write a script.  After the script is made, the shoot is scheduled and filming begins.  After filming, editing begins, which is when all of the different segments that were filmed are put into place and different effects can be added in.

“People participating in the club get chances to explore pretty much whatever they want to, whether that be operating the camera, writing or editing,” said Katelyn Moore ’19, Royal Studios executive.  “There are a lot of other jobs, too. I remember when I first started getting into things like this, I was always amazed at how many people it took to make a project happen. It’s a really collaborative process.”

The group is currently working on a new short series.

“I don’t think I would have realized how much I enjoy working with video if it wasn’t for how easily available the opportunities are here,” Moore said.  “You don’t need any experience coming into Royal Studios. You just have to be interested.”

Royal Studios’s past productions can be found here.