Intersession on Campus

Some people may think that the campus is deserted over Intersession, but that’s not the case! On Jan. 2, the University began its New Year as some students braved the cold and moved back on to campus to continue their studies or to work.

Many different courses are offered duringIntersession.  Taking classes over the month-long break can help students stay motivated and get more class credits. Intersession classes can also help students who change their major catch up on the curriculum.

Some students also returned to the University to work over Intersession.  Spending the month working helped students stay busy and get more work experience.

“Intersession is a great opportunity for students to be here for a variety of reasons,” Grace Dickson ’20, a co-director in the Admissions office, said.  “I had the opportunity to delve into an online class while also getting in a lot of work hours, giving me an excuse to come back to my home-away-from-home early!”

Follow the hashtag #ScrantonIntersession to see what other students were up to this January.