USPB Plan For Spring Events

With warmer days ahead, USPB has begun including more outdoor events in its plans for the upcoming weeks.

The University of Scranton Programming Board

Students can look forward to more events held outdoors but can still rely on Zoom alternatives in the case of inclement weather.

Casey Steiner, the assistant director for the Center of Student Engagement, said students can expect to see pre-registration for the upcoming outdoor events.

Casey Steiner serves as the Assistant Director for the Center for Student Engagement.

“Our outdoor events begin to pick up in April,” Steiner said. “For any in-person events, there will be a pre-registration to ensure proper social distancing.”

USPB has a variety of different events planned. Steiner said students can look forward to everything from entertainment and events to games and hand-made, do-it-yourself items.

“We have a variety of take-and-make events, like mug cakes,” Steiner said. “[We also have] musicians and comedians, games and experiences like scavenger hunts.” Continue reading

Wellness Day Gives Students a Chance to Recharge

Tuesday was Wellness Day at Scranton, which meant that no classes were to be held, virtually or in-person. The incorporation of this Wellness Day into the calendar was intended to give students a well-deserved break from the stress and work required by their classes. Students were not only given a break from their classwork, but they were also met with some spring-like temperatures and sunshine.

With temperatures finally rising above freezing, I was able to get out of my apartment to take a walk around campus and enjoy the weather.

March sun shining on the Founder’s Green on campus.

It was so nice to see so much activity on campus, from friends playing catch on the Founder’s Green to roommates spending time out on the Dionne Green to finish up their work for the day. Everywhere I turned, I was met with the sight of people out and about in Scranton, a tell-tale sign that this Wellness Day was not only appreciated but thoroughly enjoyed as well.

Aside from my brisk walk on campus, my Wellness Day was spent taking care of myself in various other ways. I was able to catch up on some much-needed sleep and head to the gym first thing in the morning to get my body moving. After the gym, I took my time to cook breakfast for myself, enjoying the feeling of not being in a rush to make it to my classes on time. After breakfast, I was able to settle in and get through some work I had for the week. After managing to get ahead of some work, banking up some more free wellness time for myself later on in the week, I decided to spend the remainder of my Wellness Day doing a few of my favorite things.

Blueberry lemon loaf cake, recipe via Instagram.

My favorite show, “Impractical Jokers,” was on, so I baked a new lemon loaf cake from a recipe I found on Instagram and sat down to watch the show.

This downtime allowed me to zone out for a while, and I found my mind gradually slipping away from the responsibilities and strict schedule that normally keep me on my toes.

Wellness Day gave me the perfect opportunity to wind down and take care of my body’s needs, while still being able to be productive and get ahead on my schoolwork.

I am already looking forward to the next Wellness Day (March 24) when no classes are in session!

April 27

Spring has sprung in Scranton and our community has taken advantage of the warmer weather, lounging on the Dionne Green and studying under purple umbrellas. The community also came together to celebrate Holi, or the “Festival of Colors.” Read on to learn more about the tradition and other events that took place this week.

As the semester winds down, watch for our #USGRAD16 coverage and, SENIORS, don’t forget to the hashtag when posting about your senior memories or upcoming graduation!

See photos from the semester here.

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