Senior Spotlight: Keny Melgar

For a quarter of the students at Scranton, the next few weeks will be their last as undergraduates.

As their time at Scranton slowly comes to an end, many of these students have begun to look back over their years and forward to what the next several weeks will hold.

Keny Melgar is a computer science major with a concentration in data science.

After graduation, Melgar hopes to further his career with his current internship at Production Systems Automation Inc. and said he wants to further his education as well.

Simpson, Pa. native Keny Melgar.

“I plan on getting my master’s degree in software engineering here at Scranton,” Melgar said.

He looks forward to graduate school but said he is going to miss those who won’t be here in the fall.

“Everyone that I have met here on campus has impacted me in some way, and I will miss those who are leaving,” Melgar said.

He said he also developed great relationships with his professors that allowed him to learn and grow these past four years.

“Everyone wants the best for you and sometimes that means pushing you to be better, [which] can be hard to accept sometimes,” Melgar said. “Reflecting on those moments really opens my eyes to how much I’ve grown.”

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