Walking the Royal Mile

As the rain dried up and the weather began to warm in Scranton, I decided it was time to get outside and spend some time on campus.

As a second semester set to graduate in just under one short week, I decided that the best way to spend that time was by wandering around campus.

What better way to get all the views that Scranton has to offer while getting some active time in than walking the Royal Mile?

CHEW created the Royal Mile as a part of their Happy Trail series.

The Royal Mile is a one-mile loop stretching from North Webster Ave. down to Jefferson Ave. The loop encompasses campus and includes milestones like Leahy Hall, the Class of 2020 Gateway and the DeNaples Center in one short trip.

My walk started outside of my dorm in Romero D, and the first thing that met my eyes was Granteed’s Pizzeria. This restaurant has been a staple among my friend group over the past few years, and it was great to see so many people passing in and out of the glass doors.

Granteed’s is located on the corner of Monroe and Mulberry.

Next, I headed down Mulberry St. and across Jefferson Ave. where I passed Hyland and Leahy Hall, a walk that I used to dread but now miss in the times of online school.

I also had feelings of nostalgia when walking past St. Thomas and the Loyal Science Center, both of which held many of my general studies classes and major classes in the Communications Wing.

Walking around the back of the Loyola Science Center gave me some views that most students don’t typically have on campus. Continue reading

Senior Spotlight: Emily Bernard

Midland Park, Nj. native Emily Bernard

As Commencement grows nearer and nearer, soon-to-be graduates are looking back at their years as Royals at The University of Scranton.

Emily Bernard is a history major minoring in English and theatre.

“It’s been a fun year with a lot of work, [but] I am lucky to have shared laughs and stories with friends and professors,” Bernard said.

If given the chance, Bernard would go back in time and tell her first-year self not to stress and that the work will all get done.

Bernard said this piece of advice is especially relevant considering how big of a year it has been for her composition.

“I received the Gail and Francis Slattery Center for the Humanities Fellowship which has enabled me to write my first full-length play,” Bernard said, “A short screenplay I wrote will also be published in the Spring 2021 Esprit Literary Magazine.” Continue reading

Students React to Springfest Announcement

The University of Scranton Programming Board (USPB) announced the celebrity guests for this year’s Springfest celebration yesterday via their Facebook.

USPB’s The Office style Springfest announcement.

The Office stars Angela Kinsey and Rainn Wilson were the highlight of yesterday’s announcement. The two will be holding a Q&A session and a Trivia game via Zoom for students to attend.

Event information for the Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey Springfest event.

Students can send their questions in through the form on RoyalSync.

Students on campus that saw the announcement were all excited to see what the event and the rest of Springfest will hold.

Maggie Westerman is a senior journalism and electronic media major.

Massapequa, Ny. native Maggie Westerman.

“I think it’s great that [USPB] was able to pull something together for us, especially since there wasn’t one last year,” Westerman said.

Westerman is also impressed with the celebrity guests set to attend.

“It’s awesome how they got such big names from the show,” Westerman said. “I’m looking forward to hearing what {Rainn and Kinsey] think about their fake home!”

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Celebrating Scranton’s Superheroes

To celebrate National Superhero Day, we are highlighting some of the people we consider to be superheroes at The University of Scranton. There are hundreds of faculty, staff and administrators who keep the University running. Here are just a few we talked to on campus. Three cheers for our Scranton superheroes!


General mechanic David Arneil standing outside of the Romero Plaza.

The work of the mechanics and maintenance workers helps to keep all campus buildings, machinery and equipment in operation with as minimal disruption as possible.

David Arneil is a general mechanic at Scranton.

“I like serving the students and being able to help them out in any way that I can,” Arneil said.


The Mailroom

Campus mail carriers (from left) Michele Posocco and Synthia Kretsch in the mailroom.

Synthia Kretsch and Michele Posocco are campus mail carriers at Scranton.

Kretsch said she enjoys how unique each day is in the mailroom.

“[My favorite part is] seeing all of the people on a daily basis,” Kretsch said.

Posocco also enjoys interacting with people on campus.

“My favorite part is just working with the students all of the time [and] always seeing them,” Posocco said.

Dining Services

Jania Hunt works at POD in the DeNaples Center.

Dining services employees keep students well-fed and provide them with everyday necessities all within close proximity on campus.

Jania Hunt works at the DeNaples Center POD. Her favorite part of working here?

“How nice [and approachable] everyone is, even the students,” Hunt said. “I feel comfortable doing my job. … I love my job.”


Educators not only teach but hold office hours, handle assignment work and offer career advice.

John Kilker is a faculty specialist within the Communications Department at Scranton. Kilker teaches television and radio production classes as well as other industry-centric courses such as screenwriting.

John Kilker on the set of The Paragon Cortex.

Kilker is the director and writer of The Paragon Cortex and The Gidge as well as one of the producers for Bonneville.

He enjoys having the opportunity to prepare his students for their careers.

“When I teach film, TV and video production, I approach it with the mindset that I’ve got [my past] experiences, failures and successes under my belt,” Kilker said. “I want to enthusiastically offer all of that to everyone who walks into one of my classes.”

He said he always hopes to one-day cross paths with his students out in the real world.

“Hopefully, if I have done well and [the students] choose to really take the knowledge on board, I may [meet people] who could be future [crewmates],” Kilker said.

Adjunct history professor Magdalyn Boga.

Magdalyn Boga is an adjunct professor in the University’s History Department.

Boga said she most enjoys sharing her knowledge and time with those around her.

“Being able to share the discipline I love so much with [my students] is a privilege I’m thankful for every day,” Boga said. “And of course, I couldn’t ask for better colleagues. ”

Boga said being a part of the tight-knit community is important to her.

“I really think the community we have here at the University makes it a truly special place, and it makes me love coming to work,” Boga said.


Scranton Celebrates Earth Day

April 22 marks the 51st celebration of Earth Day.

While the in-person Earth Day fair is not taking place due to the pandemic, the University is holding several virtual Earth Day events.

Environmental Art Show

A post regarding this year’s environmental art show.

The Environmental Art Show is being held for the 10th year, however this year it is virtual.

The exhibit debuted this past Monday.

Students, staff and faculty are responsible for this year’s submissions.

View this year’s art show here!

Climate Reality: There is Good News

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A Discussion on Climate Change

On April 14, the Office of Sustainability, the political science department and the environmental studies concentration held a discussion about the United States’ rejoining of the Paris Climate Accord.

The Paris vs. Pittsburgh advertisement poster.

The event featured three keynote speakers: JoyAnna Hopper, Ph.D., professor of environmental policy, Jessica Nolan, Ph.D., professor of environmental psychology, and Mark R. Murphy, director of sustainability at Scranton.

JoyAnna Hopper, Ph.D., teaches several courses at the university, including including courses in U.S. political institutions, social welfare and environmental policy, federalism and research methods.

Dr. Hopper’s research focuses on state-level environmental policy. She spoke about how the solution to climate change is global cooperation and said that the outcome depends on how everyone else participates.

“The agreement was made in Paris, but it’s going to be what happens in places like Scranton . . . that determine how successful we’re going to be in protecting our future both environmentally and economically,” Dr. Hopper said.

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