Walking the Royal Mile

As the rain dried up and the weather began to warm in Scranton, I decided it was time to get outside and spend some time on campus.

As a second semester set to graduate in just under one short week, I decided that the best way to spend that time was by wandering around campus.

What better way to get all the views that Scranton has to offer while getting some active time in than walking the Royal Mile?

CHEW created the Royal Mile as a part of their Happy Trail series.

The Royal Mile is a one-mile loop stretching from North Webster Ave. down to Jefferson Ave. The loop encompasses campus and includes milestones like Leahy Hall, the Class of 2020 Gateway and the DeNaples Center in one short trip.

My walk started outside of my dorm in Romero D, and the first thing that met my eyes was Granteed’s Pizzeria. This restaurant has been a staple among my friend group over the past few years, and it was great to see so many people passing in and out of the glass doors.

Granteed’s is located on the corner of Monroe and Mulberry.

Next, I headed down Mulberry St. and across Jefferson Ave. where I passed Hyland and Leahy Hall, a walk that I used to dread but now miss in the times of online school.

I also had feelings of nostalgia when walking past St. Thomas and the Loyal Science Center, both of which held many of my general studies classes and major classes in the Communications Wing.

Walking around the back of the Loyola Science Center gave me some views that most students don’t typically have on campus. Continue reading