USPB Plan For Spring Events

With warmer days ahead, USPB has begun including more outdoor events in its plans for the upcoming weeks.

The University of Scranton Programming Board

Students can look forward to more events held outdoors but can still rely on Zoom alternatives in the case of inclement weather.

Casey Steiner, the assistant director for the Center of Student Engagement, said students can expect to see pre-registration for the upcoming outdoor events.

Casey Steiner serves as the Assistant Director for the Center for Student Engagement.

“Our outdoor events begin to pick up in April,” Steiner said. “For any in-person events, there will be a pre-registration to ensure proper social distancing.”

USPB has a variety of different events planned. Steiner said students can look forward to everything from entertainment and events to games and hand-made, do-it-yourself items.

“We have a variety of take-and-make events, like mug cakes,” Steiner said. “[We also have] musicians and comedians, games and experiences like scavenger hunts.” Continue reading

Coffeehouse Committee Member Victoria Pardi Talks USPB Open Mic Night

On Thursday, March 28, USPB hosted an Open Mic Night on first floor DeNaples.  Students and faculty signed up throughout the week.  USPB provided food, and free stickers and water bottles.  The Coffeehouse Committee: Victoria Pardi, Zoe Rodriguez, Carly Kreitzer and Deanna Leicht, organized a successful, fun night for the Scranton community.  We reached out to Victoria Pardi to find out more about the event.

What inspired having an open mic night?

This year the Coffeehouse Committee of USPB was excited to have students perform at Open Mic Night after having a successful Open Mic Night last school year.  We wanted to be able to give students the ability to showcase their talents and I think that we were able to provide that.

What was your favorite part of the night?

Personally, my favorite part of the night was being able to see all of the student performers on stage expressing themselves and showing their many talents from singing to playing different instruments, such as the guitar and the ukulele, we even had a student recite a poem she had written! Another highlight of the night was being able to give a karaoke machine away to one of our performers. Hui Chuan was so excited to win the karaoke machine, and when she gave me and my co-chair Zoe Rodriguez a hug I realized that many people do appreciate what USPB does for the campus community.

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USPB trip to Skyzone

On Friday, March 22, USPB hosted a trip to Skyzone for a group of about 75 students. This was a great opportunity for students to have some fun with their friends off campus.  To attend the trip, students paid only five dollars for about two hours of glow in the dark jump time, transportation and a T-shirt.

The trip to Skyzone was a big hit last year, so Taylor Schwartz and Brigid McMullen, committee co-chairs for the Novelty and Variety committee, decided to run the event again. USPB events are always made known to students well before they are held.

Schwartz said, “USPB events are always posted on RoyalSync and our social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. We also hang posters around campus and set up whiteboards in the DeNaples center with information about upcoming events.”

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USPB Coffeehouse: The George Twins

On Thursday, February 21, USPB Coffeehouse hosted the first coffeehouse event of the semester.  The George Twins performed on the first floor of the DeNaples center.

The University of Scranton Programming Board (USPB) always plans fun events to keep students entertained. This event was a great way to wind down after a busy week and listen to some great tunes.

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USPB Trip to New York City

On Saturday, Nov. 10, USPB hosted a trip to New York City.  Students had the option of buying bus tickets for $15 or bus tickets and a ticket to the Broadway musical Waitress for $30.  We spoke to junior Brian Kilner about his experience on the trip! His account of the New York City trip is below:

I have only been to New York City four times, and Saturday marked my first time attending a Broadway show, Waitress.  My sister, a huge Broadway fan, was quite jealous of me getting to see a show that she eagerly wanted to see.

After arriving in the city, four of my friends and I ate lunch at John’s Pizzeria, which I had actually been to before even though I had only set foot in the city three times previously!  The pizza lived up to its reputation, and I had a full stomach as we walked over to the theater to see the show.  I only had a basic understanding of Waitress’s plot.  I certainly enjoyed the music, but it was the humor of the show that made it exceptional.

Following the show, my friends and I trekked to Schmakary’s cookie shop a few blocks from the theater, and the cookies looked so good that I ordered two.  They tasted even better than they looked.  Unfortunately, we had to walk straight back to the bus after the cookie shop to get back to Scranton.  I saw numerous shops that I wished I had the time to explore, but you can only fit so much into a day.  Even though the day passed by fast, it was filled with fun and new memories.

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February 22

Each week, our campus correspondents are out and about taking photos and collecting stories for Campus Corner. Read their articles and highlights below! Browse photos on Flickr.

Fine Dining: The McKinley Restaurant Night

By: Kayla Johnson

I think we can all agree we need to take little breaks from the stresses of life and — for me — a meal swipe for access to the McKinley Restaurant Night was the perfect way to do that.  USPB hosted the amazing Restaurant Night in the McKinley Ballroom in the DeNaples Center last Tuesday. The event was catered by Royal Catering.  Students at the University enjoyed a delicious three-course meal and live entertainment, all without leaving the comfort of campus.

The menu was impressive and the live music was too. Tim Dodds and Nick Cassidy made for some wonderful entertainment as the ballroom was filled with their renditions of famous songs. As plates of mouth-watering food came to the table (my personal favorite was prime rib of beef au jus and warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream), I couldn’t help but feel as if I were at a five-star restaurant with incredible friends and melodic music. No matter what students’ tastes were, the menu pleased. There was seafood stuffed pasta, European style chicken of florentine, herb crusted pork tenderloin or spring vegetable risotto, and that is just for the entrée course. The desserts included chocolate lava cake, cheesecake or apple pie.

Restaurant Night was a great success, and for good reason. The University of Scranton is well known for having one of the best on-campus food services in the nation (we’re #18, according to Business Insider, thanks to the remarkable Fresh Food Company, and only one of two Pennsylvania colleges on the list of the nation’s best). And, because of events like Restaurant Night, it’s not hard to see why the University has ranked so well over the years.

Want to learn more USPB events? Check out their page, here.

Check out the Snap story, here.

Welcome to the Sophomore Residence Halls

By: Robert Bauer

The transition from a first-year student to sophomore comes with several big changes. One of these big changes is moving into a new residence hall. Sophomores live on the upper-quad of campus, and they have several options from which to choose! The halls are Gavigan, Redington, Condron and the Linden apartments.

Here at Royal News, we contacted several Resident Assistants from these halls and asked them why rising sophomores should be excited to live in any of THEIR hall!

gianna-gaviganHi, my name is Gianna Bova. I am a junior occupational therapy major with a minor in psychology and a concentration in human development. This is my second year as a Resident Assistant at The University of Scranton and I am currently a RA in Gavigan Hall for sophomore students. Here are the top five reasons why I think residents should be excited to live in Gavigan Hall next year:

1. Residents have a personal bathroom to share with their quad mates and a sink in their bedrooms made with quality marble counter top!

2. Residents get the most friendly maintenance workers to come by and clean their room!

3. Residents get to experience a new kind of community by utilizing Gavigan’s many study rooms such as the Montrone Study Hall on fourth floor and the study rooms at the end and middle of each floor.

4. Residents get to utilize our main lounge with a full kitchen, pool table and flat screen TV area on the lower level floor of the building.

5. Residents get to experience a home-y feel in a Sophomore building that does not get too much traffic or commotion.


My name is Samantha Kintzly. I am an occupational therapy graduate student with a counseling minor, and I’m a third year Resident Assistant. Currently, I’m the RA for the Linden Apartments. Here are my top reasons for why residents should be excited to live in the Linden apartments:

1. Residents should be excited to live in the Linden apartments because they recently had beautiful, hardwood floors put in that make the apartments look more modern.

2. Many of the apartments have been renovated over the summer with air conditioning in the living room areas, new cabinets in the kitchens, and newly painted walls.

3. It’s nice that you have the option to live with only one or two other people in the Linden apartments. That way you don’t have to worry about finding a ton of potential apartment mates and you don’t have to share the bathroom or living space with five other people like some of the other housing options on campus.

4. The biggest selling point of the Linden apartments, for me, is that you get the opportunity to live on campus; yet, feel like you’re living off campus with your friends. You feel more independent and at home in the Linden apartments.

rob-condronHi, my name is Rob Bauer. I’m a strategic communication major with a concentration in public relations, and I have a business minor. Along with contributing to Campus Corner and working in the Marketing Communications Department on campus, I am also an RA in Condron for Sophomore students. Here are my top reasons for why residents should be excited to live in Condron next year:

1. Condron is very big. It has seven floors, with six of them housing residents, and each floor is very spacious. Residents will never feel crowded.

2. The common areas are wonderful. Two floors contain a full kitchen that residents can use at anytime. The other floors have a spacious common lounge with comfortable seats and a TV. At the end of the halls are chairs with windows showcasing beautiful views of campus and Scranton. Each floor that residents live on also comes with a study room!

3. The dorm rooms are well-sized and have a lot of breathing room. Roommates in Condron have plenty of room for their belongings, and they can create their own “home-like” layout. The rooms are styled as a quad, and each quad has a nice common bathroom. It has a nice hotel-like feeling to it, and residents will never feel cramped in their room.

4. The biggest perk for Condron, in my opinion, is its wonderful outside area. Residents have immediate access to an open area with grass, tables and a volleyball court! When the weather is warm, everyone gathers outside to chat, study or have some fun on the green or on the court. It’s a wonderful feeling to experience this scene with friends and other residents.

jordan-redingtonI’m Jordan King and I am senior nursing major from Olyphant. It is my hope to be a pediatric or critical care nurse at a large city hospital. However, for the time being, I serve as a third year Resident Assistant that lives on fourth floor Redington. These are my top reasons that residents should be excited to live in Redington next year:

1. Having Collegiate Hall – it’s amazing to have a large, quiet place to study with groups in the same building.

2. There are several lounges and study spaces besides collegiate. This makes it easy to get out of your room to study without having to walk to the library or somewhere else.

3. Some of the floors are smaller than in Condron and Gavigan, which means you still get to make new connections and friends at the sophomore level.

4. Closest to street parking and regular parking if you have a car!