Chris – Mayor’s Internship Program of the City of Philadelphia

Going into my internship with the Mayor’s Internship Program of Philadelphia, I initially wanted to learn specifics about database management and data analysis. I have been assigned to work in the Depart of Records where I thought I’d have a great opportunity to learn about real world applications to my major Electronic Commerce, and my minor Operations Management. While I am very happy with the major I chose, I am unsure of what exactly I want to do with it upon graduation. I hope that this internship will help me get a better idea of what I would like to do for my career.

However after working for just two weeks, I discovered there was far more I could learn than just specific computer related information. Within the first day of my internship I was able to not only meet the mayor of Philadelphia, but several other interns from many different schools. I have always thought I was good at communicating with people, but this internship showed me there is still much more I need to learn. Every Friday is reserved for a group project where we are assigned a task to improve a department of the city. This project was much different from projects I have worked on in school because upon completion it will be a tangible product that the City Government will hopefully use. The first meeting our group had, I was a little nervous because my group consisted of students from Harvard and Penn. I felt that the way I talk and manage myself was going to be slightly different from them, and I would have to adjust accordingly. However by the second meeting we were all communicating great and I genuinely enjoy working with them. I hope this internship will allow me to learn more about specifics in my major, communication skills, and networking with employees from different departments.

Protestors of the Philadelphia Soda Tax at City Hall
One of the earliest maps of Philadelphia, found in City Archives
Chris Louin
Electronic Commerce
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