Gretchen – Weight Watchers

When starting the Royal Experience I was very much looking forward to really gaining the skills needed to immerse myself in the culinary world. This included the nutrition of food, kitchen techniques, the preparation of different foods and being able to create my own recipes to share with others. I am taking classes in cooking and baking, I am visiting locations to talk and gain real world insight. I am reading books on both food and business methods and seeing how other woman entrepreneurships found their start. I am cooking my way through a cookbook cover to cover in order to try different foods and learn new styles. This internship also allows me to interact with the clients of Weight Watchers and really understand what people want when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. I want to learn how to take those “comfort style foods” and transform them to taste great and be great for you as well.

I designed this internship experience to not only help me better understand the art of cooking, but to also gain knowledge on the business aspect as well. My major is entrepreneurship, and I intend to use these skills to help open my own business in the future. I am creating a nonprofit healthy living café, that will include healthier food options, allow my customers to find fitness and relaxation through yoga and the proceeds will be given to help feed those around the world who cannot afford to; food for food.

Gretchen Selinski
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