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This summer, I am very excited to gain experience and knowledge in the marketing and social media fields as I begin my internship with the Scranton Fringe organization. Scranton Fringe has been creating innovative work since 2015 and is known as an award-winning arts organization. Their mission is “to create a bold, engaging platform for exciting, engaging, and thought-provoking art with minimal risk to artists and audiences alike.” I applied for this internship because I am passionate about the music and entertainment industries and would love to help a local non-profit organization.  

I hope to grow and sharpen my social media and marketing skills as this is my first internship solely focusing on my field of interest and college major. I would love to expand my expertise in navigating the various social media platforms of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Threads and obtain a comprehensive understanding of each platform’s target audience, unique features, and best practices. Another learning goal is to produce exciting and impactful content that is catered to each platform and will connect with users to increase audience engagement and following while building brand awareness. Additionally, I would like to develop my marketing research skills by analyzing the social media strategy of Scranton Fringe and its competitors.  

It is my dream and long-term goal after graduation to secure a job in the music and entertainment industry. This internship with Scranton Fringe has tremendous potential to positively impact my career path by helping me break into these hard-to-enter industries, as I will obtain first-hand experience, knowledge, and skills working for a performing arts organization. This internship will give me the opportunity to grow my network and make lasting connections, which is an essential element to success in finding a job in the industry I hope to work in one day. Additionally, my Scranton Fringe internship will give me confidence in my marketing expertise since I will spend time developing my skills and knowledge, specifically in the digital marketing field. 

The picture below is from the first event the interns had the pleasure to attend and work at. The Big Gay StorySlam is an annual event celebrating LGBTQ and ally voices through powerful storytelling.  

Rebecca Miller, Marketing


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  1. Rebecca, I’m glad your internship is helping you with experience in your desired field. Making connections is such a huge part of any career and can really help with landing jobs in the future. I’m glad your making these connections and learning marketing strategies!

  2. Hi Rebecca, this sounds like a such a neat opportunity! Scranton Fringe is a great organization to be gaining experience with. Seems like things are off to a fun start!

    -Melissa Przewlocki, Assistant Director, Center for Career Development

  3. Rebecca,
    Scranton Fringe is a great organization, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your experience! I know you will learn a lot about the field and your interests!

  4. Rebecca,
    It’s great to see you supporting a local organization with such an exciting objective; it’s evident that you have a strong enthusiasm for the music and entertainment industries. It’s great that you want to improve your marketing and social media abilities. Acquiring proficiency in social media sites like as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Threads, along with creating compelling content, will raise Scranton Fringe’s profile on these platforms and increase audience interaction. Analyzing social media techniques is a great way to boost your analytical skills when developing marketing research capabilities. Your long-term ambition to work in the music and entertainment industry will be greatly aided by the skills and confidence you acquire. The image from Big Gay StorySlam event captures the lively and welcoming atmosphere you’ll be a part of. Looking forward to hearing about your internship experiences!

  5. This is super cool Rebecca!!! I’m also a Comm major and have volunteered a bit with Scranton Fringe and they are such a modern, loving, and fun group to be a part of. You are going to have lots of fun this summer! I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to see what you can do for them!

  6. Rebecca, this sounds like an amazing opportunity for you to get a feel for your future field. Although it may be difficult to break into, it is very inspiring to see you challenge yourself regardless of any setbacks that come your way. It also sounds like you are putting your age to good use if you are able to use Tiktok, Instagram, and more for work purposes!

  7. Rebecca,
    Your internship seems to be a terrific match for you because their mission statement reflects what you want to do yourself. It is evident by your learning goals that you know exactly what you want from your internship, and I hope you have the chance to fulfill them all. Having a strong passion to achieve your dreams is admirable, and I can’t wait to see where your ambition takes you!

  8. Rebecca,

    This sounds so cool! It sounds like you are bringing lots of excitement and passion to this internship, which is so great to see. Scranton Fringe does some great work, and I know you’ll have an amazing experience with them this summer!

  9. Rebecca,

    Scranton Fridge is a wonderful arts organization, and I am so happy that you have found an internship in your field of interest! It sounds like your internship is the first step for you on an exciting path toward securing a job in the music and entertainment industry. I hope that your supervisors help you take advantage of as many opportunities for connection and growth as possible!

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