Study Spaces in Scranton’s Backyard

Written by: Rachel Kosty Exsc/Kines ’18, DPT ’21

Scranton is such an amazing city to attend graduate school in! There is so much to do, but the city still has a feeling of home that accompanies it. There is one thing you’ll definitely be doing in graduate school no matter which of the University’s excellent programs you choose: studying! As a Doctor of Physical Therapy student, I have done a lot of studying, so from an expert, here are some of my favorite off-campus spots and places to study around the beautiful city of Scranton!

  1. Northern Lights Espresso Bar

If there’s two things that go together, it’s coffee and studying! The Northern Lights Espresso Bar is located right in Downtown Scranton, just two blocks from Leahy Hall (home to DPT). The place has both indoor and outdoor seating available (weather permitting), which makes for a great study spot! They serve coffee, espresso, many other drinks, snacks, breakfast and lunch! You’ll find many students studying inside with you. It’s a great place to be!

  1. Adezzo Coffee Shop and Lounge

Another coffee stop located right in Downtown Scranton is the Adezzo Coffee Shop and Lounge. This spot is a little more hidden, making it a great place to study when you need less noise! Adezzo has two lounges, one inside and one outside on their patio! Sitting outside on a nice day is amazing with the decorations and string lights they have set up! You can even bring your pet with you for fun study distractions and breaks.

3. Lackawanna State Park

If studying outdoors is something you’re interested in, the Lackawanna State Park is a great option! The park has many picnic tables spread throughout and around the beautiful lake where you can sit and study while watching the kayakers and fishermen. I spent most of my summer at these picnic tables during our Gross Anatomy course! Getting some sunshine while studying is a great two for one that can’t be beat!

4. The Lackawanna County Courthouse Square

The square in Downtown Scranton is the center of the city, one block from Leahy Hall! The public works department is kind enough to upkeep this little downtown park throughout the year. They decorate it with lights for the holidays, place flags out for memorial day and also put out some very nice picnic tables, which are perfect for studying in the sunshine! During the warmer months, you’ll find many picnic tables spread out in the square, perfect for sitting with a friend and getting some studying done!

5. Frances Slocum State Park

Another great outdoor study location, a bit further from campus, is Frances Slocum State Park! Located about a half-hour from Scranton, this park is great for grabbing a friend and some lunch to take with you when studying! Also, don’t forget to bring a blanket with you!  I’ve spent many Saturdays laying in the sun by the lake while studying. It’s truly like being on vacation, right in Scranton’s backyard!


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