Take Your Studying Outdoors (On-Campus Spots)

Written by: Nicki Sanchirico Exsc/Kines ’18, DPT ’21

Dionne Green: Lawn & Amphitheater

Spring is officially here, and warm weather is quickly approaching! This means that my favorite season for studying is finally here. Sitting in the sun with a Starbucks’ Refresher in hand always makes studying more enjoyable.

Last week, my friend Rachel posted our favorite off-campus spots to catch some rays while studying. This week, you will get to read about our favorite outdoor study spots located directly on The University of Scranton’s (the U’s) campus.

The Dionne Green and the tables by the Weinberg Memorial Library are two of the most popular outdoor study spaces on campus. Both areas are in the central hub of campus, right near the student center (The DeNaples Center). The atmosphere of these study spots is perfect for grabbing a snack while completing some light work or group studying. In this area, students have a variety of places where they can sit. Students at the U know that when the tables with the purple umbrellas are in these areas, warm weather is here to stay. Despite the ample availability of tables, many students, including myself, will still opt to sit on a blanket or towel in the grass. There’s even an amphitheater with cemented areas for students to sit at!

Jacob and the Angel Sculpture

For students who want to study outside but require a quieter environment, one of the best spots to study is in a grassy area right near one of the sophomore residence halls, Gavigan Hall. This area has cemented spots so that students can be on the ground without having to sit directly in the grass. My favorite time to study in this area is leading up to sunset. From this location, you can watch the sun slowly lower behind campus’s Jacob and the Angel statue. After long hours of studying, there is something magical about watching the colors fill the sky behind the statue!

Another great spot for students to study is Alumni Memorial Green! It is quiet area tucked behind The University of Scranton’s Office of Admission’s building (The Estate), which makes it ideal for completing assignments that require minimal distractions. One of the best parts about this area is the big trees where I can set up a hammock. Often, I can be found rocking in a hammock while reviewing flashcards for upcoming tests.

If I’m not found in Alumni Memorial Green, I’m usually studying on the 4th floor Therapy Garden in Edward Leahy Jr. Hall. When this area is not being used for occupational therapy classes, all students can use this area. It provides a beautiful view of the downtown Scranton area for students to observe when they need a break from looking at their notes. As a graduate student in the health sciences, this area is the most convenient outdoor study space for me since it is part of my academic building and has readily available outlets to charge laptops. I never had to worry about my laptop dying during the many study sessions that my friends and I have spent there!

Pantle Rose Garden

At the U, we are lucky enough that campus wifi reaches all of the amazing on-campus outdoor study spaces, so students aren’t limited in the type of work they can do outside. I have written research papers, studied online notes and met for group projects, all while sitting in one of these locations. I have even had the opportunity to have class outside in the Dionne Green’s amphitheater and in the Therapy Garden!  Although these study spots are some of my favorites, I also have studied in many of the other study areas offered on campus with my friends. Two of my friends love studying at the picnic tables in the Pantle Rose Garden or spreading out on a blanket on the Founder’s Green. Once you get to campus, you can explore the U’s many options to find a place that best fits your needs!

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