Did Someone Say Shopping?

Written by: Nicki Sanchirico Exsc/Kines ’18, DPT ’21

A wide variety of shops are available to students within walking distance or a short drive of campus!

Shopping in Downtown Scranton

In the downtown Scranton area, just a few blocks from campus, there are plenty of stores where you can find beauty supplies and cute clothes. Some stores even offer a student discount! Many of my friends enjoy getting beauty products from Lavish Body & Home as well as from Alexander’s Salon & Spa. Students are sure to find the latest styles at Freedlove and The Daisy Collective.

For students who are looking for unique or custom products, The Marketplace at Steamtown is a great place to explore.  If you are a fan of the TV show “The Office”, be sure to stop by the store Phyl Your Bags. The store is filled with hand designed products made by local artisans, and you are sure to find something that references Dunder Mifflin. The Scranton Public Market is also located inside The Marketplace at Steamtown and features a wide variety of local venders on weekends from 11am – 4pm, who sell beautiful hand-crafted jewelry and delicious foods.

Shopping in Near-by Towns

Within a short drive from campus, there are a lot of other stores for students to explore. Ten minutes from campus is Dickson City, where students can find a larger mall with stores such as Ulta, Yankee Candle, Express, JCPenny, Macy’s and Forever 21. In that same area, you’ll also find a Wegmans, Walmart, Target and other large chain stores.

Even more stores can be found at The Shoppes at Montage, which is also just a 10-minute drive from campus. I would frequently shop at The Shoppes at Montage on my way back from snowboarding or after a trip to get my hair done at The Sapphire Salon & Spa (also located at The Shoppes). Some of my favorite stores in this shopping center include Loft, DSW, The Christmas Tree Shop and The Guitar Center. In both the Dickson City and The Shoppes at Montage shopping centers are restaurants such as Panera, Chipotle and Pancheros, where students often hold fundraisers for school clubs and trips.

For students who don’t mind driving a bit farther, great deals can be found on brand-named items at The Crossings Premium Outlets. The outlets are located just 35 minutes away from campus. On weekends, many of my friends would take day trips there as a fun escape from schoolwork.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for someone, just making a quick run to pick up a shirt for an upcoming interview, or want a day long adventure with friends, the greater Scranton area has something for you!


“Scranton? Where The Office takes place?”

Written by: Rachel Kosty Exsc/Kines ’18, DPT ’21

If there’s one question you’ll be continuously asked from the moment you are accepted to the University it’s, “Scranton? Where The Office takes place?” Scranton, PA is famous for many things, but well known to most is that this is where one of the best comedy TV shows of all time is set! During your time here, I highly recommend you re-watch the series. You’ll find yourself yelling at the TV, “Hey I know where that is!” and “Pam has a University of Scranton flag behind her desk!” The creators of The Office did a fantastic job of filling the TV show with actual places and objects from the real Scranton, down to Froggy 101 radio station stickers and the McCarthy Cab cars! Family and friends will ask to visit you here and take a tour of Scranton to see places and memorabilia from the show! My cousins asked to do just this, so here are some famous places to go visit in Scranton if you’re a fan of the show!

1.  The “Scranton Welcomes You” Sign

Everyone and anyone who has seen The Office knows this sign! It’s shown right in the opening credits! It can now be found inside the Steamtown Mall and is a fantastic photo-op for any fan of the show! The Steamtown Mall is also featured in the show as well!

2. The Dunder Mifflin Building (kind of)

Another famous building featured in the opening credits of the show is home to an actual paper company! The building is owned by the Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company and features the Dunder Mifflin Logo on the tower.

3. Poor Richard’s Pub

An establishment frequented by all employees of Dunder Mifflin is Poor Richard’s Pub! The pub is located inside of South Side Bowl (a bowling alley), a great place to spend the evening bowling and having a drink where actual members of the office have been! The pub sells memorabilia perfect for any fan!

4. Lake Scranton and Lake Wallenpaupak

The Lake Scranton featured in the show is very different than the one in real life but is still a beautiful place to take a walk on a sunny day! You won’t find any sandy beaches at Lake Scranton or a booze cruise on Lake Wallenpaupak, but they are both gorgeous places to visit!

5. Cooper’s Seafood House

If there is one place on this list that has the most Office memorabilia, it is Cooper’s! The restaurant has lots of artifacts, photos and history of the Scranton area, and also features a large gift shop where you can get all The Office gear you could imagine, plus more! What a great restaurant to have dinner, get some mementos and take a few photos!

6. The Electric City Sign

Scranton, what? The Electric City! Scranton is famously known as The Electric City for having the first street cars in the U.S. to be powered by only electricity! There is an amazing sign found in downtown Scranton at the corner of N. Washington Ave and Linden Street that makes a perfect place to recreate Michael and Dwight’s music video!

7. Alfredo’s Pizza Café

Famously mentioned in The Office is Alfredo’s Pizza Café, which is definitely not Pizza by Alfredo’s! Alfredo’s Pizza Café is a real restaurant located on S. Washington Street in Scranton! Stop by for a great photo and head inside to grab some pizza!

8. The University of Scranton!

When you re-watch the show, you’ll notice just how many times our university is featured! From t-shirts to office decorations, our school is represented! A fun fact you may not know is that The University of Scranton actually hosted the wrap party for The Office! All the cast members were here on campus to say one final goodbye to the series. They even hosted a panel session in our gym! When you step on campus, you are standing where each one of the cast members of the show has as well!

Although Scranton might not be home to its own Chili’s, there are so many places you can visit both on and off campus that were important to the series! If you stick around here in Scranton long enough, you might even get to meet a cast member from the show! A few are very well known for coming back into town regularly and hitting up our favorite local establishments.