The interactive Scranton Cardiovascular Model was developed by Terrence Sweeney, Ph.D. in a physiology lab at the University of Scranton. The biology department here has adapted an entire lab in physiology dedicated to the use of this model. Students learning the cardiovascular system have immensely benefitting from the implementation from this model. Pushing the bar even further, University of Scranton students have created research theses from the use and manipulation of the model.

students with model

This model was created with goals of not only benefitting the University of Scranton, but institutions for higher education across the globe. Our model hopes to invoke its tactile and hands-on learning scheme in 4-year colleges, medical and veterinary school, cardiology residency programs and medical technology programs. The model also has the capacity to be taught at an elementary physiology level, allowing high schools to employ its mechanics in their scientific laboratories.