Who We Are

The Pedagogy Cohort was formed in September 2011, and supported by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, as a small-group learning community designed to explore novel and innovative teaching methods that we can use in class. Between classroom visits, recorded lectures, examining each others pedagogical materials, sharing and exploring best practices, attending conference, and participating in lively, organized discussions, we hope to bring a novel and effective approach to the learning environment of our classroom.

Current Members:
Jennifer Cutsforth, Assistant Professor, Department of Education
Tara Fay, Faculty Specialist, Department of Biology
Ileana F. Szymanski, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy
Jessica M. Nolan, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Past Members:
Patrick Clark, Assistant Professor, Department of Theology and Religious Studies
Jeremy Sepinsky, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering
Kathryn Shively Meier, Assistant Professor, Department of History

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