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Meet Alexa, one of our Juniors who is back from her study abroad in Ireland!

Hi I’m Alexa Kane, I’m a junior nursing student and I just finished a semester abroad in Galway, Ireland.  I lived there for 4 months and studied at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Galway is a gorgeous city that is full of so much history and beautiful architecture. Some of the remaining medieval castles that once held lords are now coffee shops and parts of the shopping center. Everywhere in the city there are buskers (performers) singing and playing music and people walking along on the cobble stone streets. Ireland is truly a magical place. The scenery is beyond amazing. One of the most remarkable days I had in Ireland I spent in the tiny town of Cong, which is where the film The Quiet Man was filmed.  We hiked and played games in the shadow of the ruins Cong Abbey. This place felt like a completely different world,  like magic walk through the woods. Ireland as a whole feels magical with it all its hidden gems of medieval castles, churches and gorgeous landscapes.

It was so surreal to be in Ireland for a semester. I met some amazing people while I was there and did things that I had never thought I would do in my entire life. I got to travel to Brussels, Amsterdam and London. The extra workload in the fall of sophomore year was so worth it because this experience is one I will never forget. It truly changed me and made me more independent and aware of my impact on others. It is incredible that nursing students at the University of Scranton are able to study abroad for a full semester. This really was a wonderful experience that everyone should take advantage of if they can!

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