Update on BYOD Policy

19 08 2014

We received the following email from Robyn Dickinson on July 31st regarding the new BYOD policy:

During the spring semester, we had presented to TAG and other Information Resources’ advisory groups a draft strategy for addressing the Bring Your Own Device trends that are happening on college campuses today. We received helpful feedback along the way and I am pleased to attach for you a final version of our strategy document.

This document is intended as a planning tool to guide our work in our tactical plan area of Embracing Consumerization over the next few years. Each of the strategic objectives listed will require additional work, funding, and even policy development in some areas to accomplish them; we will continue to collaborate with you and the other IR governance groups in order to make these happen.

You can expect more to come on this topic, thanks again to you and TAG for your contributions –


Robyn Dickinson

Here is the document: BYOD Strategy Doc

New Leadership 2014-2015

19 08 2014

TAG is changing co-chairs.

Kristen Yarmey (Library) is stepping down and Teresa Conte (Nursing) will serve as the new co-chair starting in the Fall Semester. Dave Dzurec (History) will be on sabbatical in the Spring Semester and Andrew LaZella (Philosophy) will take over as co-chair for Dave.

We are looking for new members. If you are interested in joining TAG, email us at tag-members@scranton.edu

WordPress URL Transition Complete

19 08 2014

The official transition to the new URL (sites.scranton.edu) for all University of Scranton WordPress sites has taken place.  So far the transition seems to have gone smoothly.  Please let us know if you run into any issues.

WordPress campus network: from blogs to sites

5 08 2014

Just a heads up that the URL for TAG’s website will be changing on August 7 from sites.scranton.edu/tag to sites.scranton.edu/tag.

This is part of a campus-wide change for WordPress sites, so that means that any site on the campus WordPress network (currently sites.scranton.edu) will also be moving to sites.scranton.edu this week.

Excerpt from email announcement from Phil Erb in IR:

We will be changing the URL of the WordPress blogs service from sites.scranton.edu to sites.scranton.edu, to more accurately reflect its expanded uses.

This change will be made on Thursday, August 7th at 8am. No downtime is expected during this change.

After that time, if any should visit a sites.scranton.edu, they will be redirected to the same location on sites.scranton.edu.

I recommend that any publications or other sites that link to your sites.scranton.edu site should be updated in the near future to reflect the new URL. We plan to retire the sites.scranton.edu URL completely by August 2015.

NAC Log on Change – Aug 6

30 07 2014

This email from the TSC went out to all faculty and staff on 2014-07-28:

Dear Faculty and Staff:

When prompted to login to Cisco NAC beginning on Wednesday, August 6th your logon ID will no longer be your legacy user account (e.g., smithj2) but will instead be your Royal ID Number.  You simply enter your Royal ID Number (it is printed on your Royal Card) and your my.scranton.edu password (also your email password).

This conversion is part of Planning and Information Resources continuing efforts to improve services through standardization and to provide secure and reliable computing resources.

Questions and concerns about the Cisco NAC conversion to Royal ID Number should be directed to the Technology Support Center at x4357 or techsupport@scranton.edu.

P.S. Cisco NAC (aka CNAC) is that blue pop-up screen that you log in to in order to connect your desktop/laptop to the University network.

TechQual Survey – Assessment of Technology Services

21 07 2014

Just a reminder to all faculty members: Please take some time to fill out the TechQual survey!

Associate VP for Information Technology Robyn Dickinson sent emails out to all faculty last week with survey information (including a link and an individual ID#). The survey asks about minimum, desired, and perceived levels of service on technology and information services, and it’s important that faculty voices be heard on these issues.

This is the third time TechQual has been has been administered on campus – previous surveys were in 2008 and 2011. After the 2011 survey, Information Resources discussed the results for faculty members with TAG as part of their planning process.

The survey will be open until August 15. If you did not receive a survey email from Robyn, contact Jordan Knicely (jordan.knicely@scranton.edu) in Institutional Research.

Identity Finder Scans Begin Aug 1 – Reminder

3 07 2014

Information Security Officer Adam Edwards sent out a reminder email to all faculty this week about Identity Finder automated scans, which are set to begin for University-provided faculty desktop machines (Windows only) on August 1. Here’s his reminder:

Starting on Aug 1, 2014 the Information Security Office will begin conducting weekly scans of faculty PCs to locate restricted data. These scans will only be conducted on University provided machines. This is an effort to protect University data and prevent data loss as described in the email notice below.  If you have Human Research data, please ensure it is encrypted prior to Aug 1 2014. These weekly scans have already been rolled out to staff and TAG members.

If you have any questions please email security@scranton.edu


Adam Edwards

You can take a look at TAG’s Identity Finder FAQ for Faculty to help prepare, and definitely refer to Adam’s instructions for encryption with 7Zip if you have sensitive or confidential data to protect!

Encryption with 7-Zip – Instructions

3 07 2014

So there was a bit of internet shock earlier this summer when a surprise announcement came out that the widely used encryption utility TrueCrypt was no longer being developed. Previously, our Information Security Office had recommended TrueCrypt as a tool for encrypting personal and confidential information, like human subject data. Now that TrueCrypt has been discontinued, Security Officer Adam Edwards passed along some instructions (.docx) for using an alternative (also free and open source) encryption tool, 7-Zip.

Adam warns:

**One caveat with this option is that there is no central management.  This is important because if a user loses their password the data will be lost. Manual recovery procedures will need to be put in place to ensure there is alternative access in the event of an emergency.  If no manual recovery procedures are put in place and the password is lost the data will be lost.**

Please contact Information Security with questions or concerns. Thanks to Adam (and Information Security Engineer Scott Finlon) for watching out for us!

Royal News Faculty Survey

12 06 2014

Hi all,
At a TAG meetings earlier this year I brought up the subject of getting feedback from faculty on Royal News. Well, we did attempt to get input via one of the Provost’s brown bag lunches but the timing was bad (May 15) so that didn’t pan out.

We have now built an online survey with the hopes that this will be an easier way for faculty to give us their input.

Even if you’re not a regular reader of Royal News, please take our (very brief) survey to tell us what you think of the publication and how it might serve you better.

To access the survey click this link – https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NXY5LHL

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your time!


Royal Drive downtime on Friday!

9 06 2014

This notice from the Technology Support Center went out to all faculty and staff, but since it will have a major impact on most anyone who’s on campus working on Friday, I thought I’d repost:

Royal Drive (also known as Xythos) will be unavailable on Friday, June 13th, from 8 am until approximately 5 pm in order to upgrade and integrate it with Active Directory. We apologize for the inconvenience, however due to the necessity of the vendor, this must be scheduled during normal business hours. Please plan accordingly. If you have questions about this upgrade please contact the Technology Support Center at (570) 941-4357 or techsupport@scranton.edu.

New features will include:

  • Thumbnail view – shows a small image preview of the file
  • Quick view – launches a new screen with a larger view of the file and includes metadata
  • Mobile web view – allows you to manage, view, upload, share, and search documents within the Xythos repository
  • Bookmarks – moved to a link in the main menu; allows you to create a bookmark folder and add bookmarks to it
  • Folder tagging – now you can tag folders as well as files
  • Advanced upload for classified files – upload files and folders and have classification applied at the time of the upload
  • Workflow options – set automatic workflow tasks forwarding to other users while they are out-of-office
  • And more …..

The Technology Support Center
University of Scranton
(570) 941-4357