TAG feedback on draft BYOD Strategy

21 05 2014

At our May TAG meeting, Calvin Krzywiec (Assistant Director of Network Security & Engineering) presented a draft version of a BYOD Strategy (Bring Your Own Device).  We promised Cal a written compilation of feedback to inform the next draft of the report.  Since the TAG meeting, I’ve also been discussing the draft Strategy with several other interested faculty members, and I’ve done my best to compile all of these conversations in an annotated copy of the draft. These notes represent a sampling of individual faculty members’ reactions and should not be considered an authoritative response from the faculty as a whole.

I believe the draft Strategy bears significant implications for teaching, learning, research, and the faculty work environment, and I’ve recommended that the document undergo careful review by the full Faculty Senate. (As the current Senate Liaison, Dave will share our feedback in a report to the Senate Executive Committee.)

I’d also like to invite additional comments and concerns from all faculty. If your exam week/senior week schedule permits, please take a look at TAG’s written response (annotated PDF) and let us know your thoughts.

[Update: Here’s a summarized comments view of the same annotated PDF.]



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